Update on Nabeel's Family (with Michelle Qureshi!)

Everyone always asks me how Nabeel’s family is doing, so I thought it would be cool to get an update from Michelle Qureshi!

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Just learning about Nabeel Michelle. Gosh l care for you! Many many prayers for you, and Aiya. LOTS of love from Vancouver BC! Say hi to Manny David! :smiley: Praise be to The KING of kings!

God bless Sir. Late Nabeel Qureshi’s family​:heart::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Thanks for everything you do. God bless you and your family. Keep preaching the truth.

She is such a wonderful and strong woman, sure a good mother. Her child has had a loving father, and she had an incredible courageous husband for a decade. So sad because they sure miss him but one day they will be united in heaven. Good bless you all!

May CHRIST protect her always.

I followed Nabeel’s testimony way before he went with the Lord. It was really sad and heart breaking. It helped me to leave behind the fantasy world of faith healers and cope with our fallen condition.


God bless her and her family :latin_cross:

Just wondering how Nabeels’s family felt about the RZIM founder dying less than 2 1/2 years later. Also, the severe misconduct of Mr Zacharias, that began quietly just prior to his death, but certainly has become a very shameful and so very disappointing outcome since Ravi’s death. Ravi’s Zacharias was very dear to me. I loved listening to his speeches and I own every book and DVD Set Ravi ever made. I became broken-hearted and my faith was shaken by who Ravi truly was, at least in part. It made me feel like his faith and ideas were a fraud and he didn’t even believe in Jesus, who he spoke of often. I felt this way because Ravi spent everyday in his ministry, with a tremendous Christian support group. So how could he do what he did and walk in the Spirit of God? I know my heart, my conscience and my rational mind as I am in the Spirit of God, could never behave in such an evil way as Ravi had. I don’t understand, other than to continue to feel a bit lost spiritually and emotionally, since I truly believed in the character of Ravi, but also in his honest message of Jesus Christ. Very sad…

First respect others people Religions

You are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing you life.

I only discovered David Wood recently and therefore Nabeel and his book
I’m looking forward to reading it soon
RIP Nabeel
Thoughts and prayers to his family

God bless you all,atheist are human too and I don’t hate them.

This is absolutely true, she said:

“If we follow jesus, then when all of our work on earth is done, we can go see baba in heaven forever”.

I don’t know if you are reading this, but have faith, believe in God words, you will see your father again, so prepare yourself don’t let the opportunity to see your father pass by forgetting God.

Hmmm talk smack about 1.7 peoples faith then die of a gut cancer… Things that make u go hmmm

What happened to her wedding ring? Breaks my heart shes with another man shortly after he passed. But I understand. Life goes on…

What a joke
All you catholics and Christians are pagan idol worshiping polytheists.

just bought his book.

I’m glad this video popped up on my phone I have not seen Michelle in a while. I’m so glad to see you two in the same video together. God bless the both of you too I love your videos so much.