Using the Quran to Explain the Incarnation of Jesus to Muslims

Many Muslims ask their Christian friends questions like, “If Jesus is God, how can he die?” or “If Jesus is God, how can he be born?” Some Muslims (such as Yusha Evans) go so far as to suggest that the Christian view of the Incarnation is absurd or illogical. But if the Christian view is illogical, so is Islam, because Islam teaches something similar about the Qur’an. According to Islamic theology, the Qur’an has two natures: an eternal nature and a physical nature. Allah’s eternal Word (which has no beginning and no end) enters creation as a physical book (which has a beginning and an end). Hence, if Muslims want us to take their objections to the Incarnation seriously, they have to reject Islam!

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Assalamou Alikoum brothers .
Let me help you a bit with my small knowledge.
Brothers the Quran exist since the time of memorial. Why ? because What Allah told Adama (ASW ) is mentioned in the Quran . The Quran that you are given exemple is a written Quran.
Quran is the words of God and it must me writing in Books for every Generation to be able to read and understand how to worship GOD . And nothing can be change or correct in the words of God .

Yes I agreed. Islam is incoherent and nonsensical.

So God did not find Abraham and Moses worthy of Islam and the Quran? Satan can cry as much as he likes, his effort to undermine the Authority of The Holy Bible and the awesomeness of The LORD Jesus Christ as The Redeemer, The Lamb of The Living God whose royal and sinless makes atonement for mankind will never diminish.

Love you brothers! Keep up the good work.

They don’t know what are talking about, the Islamic view is so different of what they said

JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY NONE OTHER LORD JESUS I THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMPLETE LOVE JESUS CHRIST IS WORTHY WORTHY WORTHY LORD :latin_cross::crown::key::earth_americas::sparkling_heart::dancer::sparkling_heart::man_dancing::fire::postal_horn: ANY ONE WHO LOVES YOU ITS ONLY LORD JESUS CHRIST AMEN HALLELUJAH :heart: HALLELUJAH :heart: HALLELUJAH :heart::bow_and_arrow::anchor::crown::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::100::100::100:

very clever misrepresentation that distorts the truth to serve your goals .
the islamic view is that the eternal word of Allah is an attribute of Allah exists in his eternal self . It isn’t created and can’t be destroyed . it isn’t made of sounds or letters that are created , rather it is an eternal perfect meaning that is an attribute of himself and exists in his supreme self . however when God reveals it to humans, God created words and letters to express his eternal word ( the eternal meaning that is in Allah’s supreme self) and gave it to humans . the eternal Word of God didn’t enter the created world , rather it was expressed by the created letters and words and sounds that could be read and written . why do muslims believe that ? because it is illogical ( i.e entails a contradiction) that an eternal thing( an uncreated thing ) gets mixed with a created thing . because that means that this eternal thing that is uncreated got something new added to itself that is created . i.e an uncreated thing got a created : a contradiction . This is the orthodox islamic view about the quran also known as the Ashari creed . however , these people fail to mention that ( maybe intentionally in order to serve their own schemes ) . the muslim’s views about the quran thereby is perfectly logical , while the christians can’t resolve the contradiction of an created God who enters creation to be united with a created man resulting in an obvious glaring violation of logic : a logical contradiction .

Want to know about Jesus… Please ask.

Goodjob! May God bless you brothers ! Thank God for every question has answer in Bible. And also I believe when some one dies his sinful body is dying but he (his soul) is going to heaven or hell according to his belief and deeds… When Christ died on the cross I think His sinless Humanbody died for the sinful nature of mankind for the remission of sin… The eternal nature of Christ still exists when died on the cross…

Jesus was the son of god. No, not metaphorically like some Muslim’s argue, the Pharisees were outraged he was “blaspheming” by saying he was the son of god. He meant that literally.

David, a Qur’an does not have any eternal nature. It is Muhammad’s work.

Lord jesus christ bless you…David wood

How can a mortal man understand the nature of God, or place limits upon God? Allah is both eternal spirit, and the guy with two right hands at the same time, right? But he can’t be God and Jesus at the same time? Just how does that work? God can do as he pleases as many times and in as many ways as he pleases, because he is God,

Jesus Lord is God Himself

The Saviour can be ONLY God. Otherwise cannot save. Too bad there is no salvation in islam.

You have a gift from Iehova. And as any gift, is precisely perfect.

quran is false… Whole world knows it… muslims dont know… few muslims know that quran is false… but they deffend muhammad and islam…

Love you guys so much Lord continue to bless them