Violent Riots in India after Hindu Mocks Muhammad on Facebook

Three Muslim men died in violent riots in Bengaluru, India, after a Hindu mocked Muhammad in a Facebook post. Dozens of police officers and protesters have been injured. David Wood discusses the issue.

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David Wood and Sam Shamoun will be LIVE with Dr. Shuaib Sayyed at 9:00pm (Eastern Time), discussing the prophethood of Muhammad. You don’t want to miss this! Here’s the link: - YouTube

The Great And Peaceful Religion Is Islam

what a sham of a religion…salam_i slicing…so insecure because the whole ideology of islam appears to be based on so many half baked lies…which cannot stand scrutiny of time & intelligent analysis

Your words hitted me

That Hindu guy who got arrested had only gave a reply to a Muslim guy who had insulted a Hindu goddess. Muslim guy was the one to start first.

To be honest, Iam not a big fan of christians because of their missionaries but atleast they don’t promote or do violent acts.

Fun fact::: they are 12% of the population in that place.

I love Jesus I am Hindu and will be Hindu until I die I don’t like isalamic kazi and Christian Church and it’s hypocrisy and shameful tactics

There’s way more Hindus lynching Muslims but you won’t hear that from the agenda driven wood. He doesn’t care for anyone dieing, just criticizing Islam. At the end, he has to return to Allah and he will answer for leading people away from the straight path. Sad times for this guy and the fools that believe the BS he spews.

That person commented on Muhammad in response to a comment on Hindu Gods.

I can’t believe I am saying this but Hindu religion can’t also take criticism and Islam somehow take the cake in this regard.

It’s like choosing between Stalin vs Hitler or Alien Vs Predator. Whoever wins, we all lose. :joy:

Islam : say that Islam is a relegion of peace otherwise I will chop you in pieces

May the Lord bless you and your family all the time David. Thank you so much.

I hate religion but I love Jesus Christ…

Please make a video on how the world reacted to the Sri Lanka Easter bombings.

Love from India :india::heart:


You don’t even know the whole story . You just attack Islam. Do you know how many Muslims were killed on that riot? Btw it wasn’t a riot. The current govt “BJP” led by PM Modi. the very person responsible Muslim genocide In Gujrat. You know about the genocide? Ever heard of that? Be unbiased and make a video about that.

I am a Hindu and I can say that situation is worse here. We are majority but muslim minority torture us. we are victims but still sent to jail. Whole india bowed down in front of them.