Was Muhammad a Prophet? (Answering Islam Part 3)

The belief that Muhammad was a prophet of God is foundational to Islam. But is there good evidence for this belief?

This is the third video of our “Answering Islam” series, where David Wood answers the question: “Was Muhammad a True Prophet?”

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If you would think a little bit loggicly, you would probably understand that what could demon do if God doesn’t let him? especially to talk something by God’s name? as God says in his Holly books that God saves and protects all of his books and Quran as well. In my opinion prophet Muhammad came to arabs by God to open and explane them the books (Torah, Tanakh, Bible) with Quran. If i’m wrong, may God forgive me but i think after prophet Muhammad some people stole suras or ayats from Quran and add there some ayats from they mind. All of these books should be red in they own language. Because the Bible in English is defenettly wrong translated also Quran. Thank you

You telling by your own, not giving proof

Yes he is true prophet

no, muhammad is a FALSE PROPHET, Muslims were deceived

Was the Prophet of Islam an Atheist?
Yes the heading will certainly raise some eyebrows but bear with me and please be open minded as I present to you an unconventional but certainly probable exposition on Muhammed, the final Prophet.
According to Muslims, Muhammed was a 7th century Arab who received revelations from God through an angel intermediary over a period of 23 years, thus forming the basis of the Quran - a scripture containing all the revelations. But this is where you run into problems. When you open the Qur’an and read these supposed revelations (from an all knowing powerful God) you discover the following irregularities and discrepancies.
1.Verses originating from myths and legends (Syriac Legend of Alexander and The 7 Sleepers of Ephesus )
2. Verses originating from rejected apocryphal and gnostic sources (The Infancy Gospel of Thomas)
3. Verses lifted straight from the bible (Universe created in 6 days, Camel through the Eye of a needle)
4. Verses that seem to serve the personal whims and fancies of Muhammed (who he can marry, which wife he can spend more time with etc).
5. Verses that keep repeating immoral intercouse with married female captives.(4:24)
6. Verses that undermines the status of women. ( beat them, testimony is worth less than than that of a man, 4 months seclusion)
7. Verses that are confusing and strange (3.7 basically says the entire Qur’an is unclear and if try to understand it you have a disease)
8. Verses that places a bizarre emphasis on sexual pleasure for men (and Jinn) in the afterlife (55:56)
9. Verses that provide zero context or explanation (Who is Abu Lahab?)
10. Verses that repeatedly confirm the inspiration, preservation, authenticity of the 7th century bible even though Muslims insist it’s corrupted from the 1st century (3.3, 5:47, 7:157 etc)
11. Verses that are completely wrong on how it depicts science, biology and cosmology. (All alleged scientific “miracles” can be easily refuted using Quran itself)
12. Verses that challenge the reader to its Divinity even though the same challenge can be applied to any book in history.
13. Verses mostly end with a threat of punishment or humiliation for the individual who doesn’t submit.
14. Verses that practically copy and paste it’s laws from the Jewish Talmud and other scriptures.
15. Verses that has nothing new to say so just repeats the same thing over and over again.
16. Verses that quote biblical characters as if they’re 7th century Arabs.
17. Verses that are contradictory (no compulsion in religion vs fight those that those who don’t believe)
18. Verses that start and end abruptly, arranged haphazardly and gives no context.
19. Verses that have zero benefit for mankind and of removed affects nothing.
20. Verses that are different to other versions of Qur’an so not perfectly preserved (Hafs vs Warsh)
…and many more.
Looking at these issues objectively - one thing becomes absolutely clear - the Quran could NOT have come from an All Knowing and Perfect Divine Source but rather a human/s making standard fallable errors, taking many years to perfect it but still falling short.

So what type of human scribe is this?
If this author believed in some kind of Deity or Higher Power that judged him according to his actions, he would NOT be as brazen, confident, arrogant, shameless, narcissistic, fearless and determined enough to fabricate this entire verse revelation fallacy. He’ll be far too afraid of the repercussions, yes?
Therefore the ONLY conclusion that one can draw is that the author/s of the Quran MUST have been an atheist or at the very least agnostic with zero accountability or culpability for his elaborate campaign.( Notice how the Quran keeps saying - “there is no blame on you” for immoral verses such as 23:1-6, 33:50 and 70:29-30.

Now why is the Qur’an essentially a book that implores people to believe in a God that he personally did not believe in?
Muhammed noticed one thing that motivated his campaign with the Jews, Christians and Pagans. The ONLY thing guaranteed to get a large amount of people to follow a single cause is through belief in some type of supernatural power Deity that can’t be seen or heard. It’s the belief/faith that he is there that matters. And then proceed to make up countless promises of eternal bliss if you submit to this Deity or a torturous eternal punishment if you don’t. How do you think the Christian missionaries managed to spread a 3in1 belief that no one can understands so rapidly?

What was his end game - if not to begin a new religion?
Belief in “Allah” is just the deception. The ultimate goal was subjugation and control to get people to submit to your will on the pretext of being a Prophet where you have access to vast amounts of wealth (jizya) and assets (war booty) and copious amounts of sex slaves but do it on the pretext of a Divine instruction. This is what “Allah” wants but it’s all me. (His own child bride Ayesha even declared - your “Lord” rushes to fulfill your desires). Wow.
Over the next next few hundred years Muhammads status was honed, shaped manipulated and fabricated into the “best of creations” where he now has achieved an almost God like status, occupying a position closer to your average Muslim than his/her own mother.

I’d say he was something of a 7th century religious cult leader many of whom typically still practise their “craft” today.

God bless and protect your family

Where can we look into the sources

Was Jesus God?

Same guy would claimed Jesus was white

(QURAN 61:9)
It is He who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the true religion to stand supreme over all religions, even though the disbelievers may dislike it.

Caravan robber who broke all ten commandments .

just because u find it boring doesnt mean its well written

Muhammad has no sign of prophethood, is not written in his book, in the Koran even Jesus. Don’t know who made him a prophet. All the Prophets directly spoke to God, Muhammad to the jinn in the cave of Hira​:smiley::smiley::smiley: Muhammad was inferior to the original Prophets, Moses, Abraham, and others, especially compared to Jesus :smiley::smiley::smiley:so far… Christianity is perfect, Islam is all problematic. Islam can, only with blood and war.

Thank you now i’m more proud muslim than ever before :heart::kaaba::heart:

Two, I’ll go ahead and say it, the Qur’an is awful. Lol Dr Wood

God bless you DW…very good explanation

Mahammed was false prophet

In John chapter 16 V 7-8
Also in John chapter 16 V 12-14 it hints at Muhammad (pbuh), i encourage my christian brothers to read it

‘Prophet’ Mohammed [Curse Be Upon him]