Was Muhammad a True Prophet? (LIVE with Tony Costa, 8:00pm ET)

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Unbelievable blindness to logic!
No understanding of what evidence is, what consistency is - oh my dear!! I cannot believe this level of indoctrination? …naivety?
… primitive thinking capacity?

Jews and Christians: YHWH
Mohammed: what is a YHWH?

Truly a prophet of God.

I spoke with Rabbi about Islam, and very understanding, compare with Christians.

Muhammad is Prophet of God, because Rabbis in Medina invited him to emigrate to Medina and stay away from the Arab pagans

Mary, she was really scared when she saw a man in the Temple. Then a man explain himself, that He is a Holy Spirit/Gabriel. He carry good news that Mary soon will have a son.
Muhammad also scared when he was met Gabriel in the cave.

Muhammad is Prophet of God, because Muhammad met Gabriel. Gabriel is a Holy spirit. Gabriel met Moses, Lot, Abraham and the other Prophets

Muhammad is Prophet of God. He teach circumcision. Jesus after 8 days from his born, given name and he was circumcised.

Muhammad is Prophet of God. He teach Fasting, like Moses fasting 40 days, Jesus fasting 40 days. Each year Muslims around the celebrate Ramadan as the month of fasting

Muhammad is Prophet of God.
He teach Tahara. Like Jews believe.

Muhammad is Prophet of God. All Prophets message is to worship El/Allaha/Allah/God.
Arabs before Muhammad were paganism. They worship many Gods.

Was Muhammad true Prophet?
Yes, Muhammad is Prophet and Messenger. Prophet in Hebrew called Naby means someone carry good news only for his own people. Messenger in Greek called Apostle, in Arab called Rosul. Apostle is Rosul carry good news also carry amendment from previous law.

Most Muslims hear what they want to hear and they turn a blind eye to the truth. So sad :disappointed:

I think in Muhammad’s day, whatever child, male of female, unaccompanied, was raped. In a desert climate male circumcision for children was a prevention against infections because if you washed yourself with the sort of water Muhammad recommended and were not circumcised, I shudder to think about the suffering. For the female child, rape tears a little girl up if she is raped at a tender age. Sometimes if she is too young and begins having sex not because it is her idea, but she gets married off young, her inward parts such as the womb and the cervix, become damaged. What this means she may have become pregnant but every month with her period, she had a spontaneous abortion so she passes clots. The passing of clots seemed prevalent with Muhammad’s wives. This makes me think that Muhammad was not exactly healthy (VD) and that was why he failed to have many children and no male heir. This many be the reason that Aisha could not have children. She was made infertile by Muhammad’s early sex with her. The other reason, with the scandalous raping parties that Muhammad and his men engaged in, that they may have had a venereal disease or several, and over time, these do affect the bones, the skin or inwardly, keep a girl from ever having children.

Some growths like moles can grow but they are not actually a mole but a disfigurement due to Syphilis. Muhammad had no family to protect him as a child and he could have been subject to men who also raped boys. It may have been the beginning of his sexual preoccupation. It is not unusual for the psychological damage done to the child and the pain/pleasure mixed together – today’s Satanic cults do this to children. The growth on Muhammad’s back, was it due to a disease? Muhammad was also had a fair complexion and may have had a growth on his back from sun damage or a combination of birth mark, Syphillus and injury. Also people who suffer long term Syphilis can have seizures. Muhammad’s seizures involved profuse sweating and braying like a camel. But the Philistines in the era of King David, thought the mentally insane were prophets touched by their gods. This pagan belief may have still been around in Muhammad’s time frame.

What Muhammad was promoting was a Satanic cult which gained respectability or the modern cults are copying what he did, as Muhammad gained prominence and power, they believe this vicious abuse of children sexually, gives them power.

In the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon states that there is no new thing under the sun. Even the reason why Ishmael was cast out has to do with the propensity for teenage boys to use their younger siblings for sport among which are hinted that the play was not appropriate and Sarah did not want Ishmael around Isaac likely for his safety. Could it be the way Bachu Bazi boys are misused? This Middle Eastern custom was not just in the ancient world but was indulged in by the Greeks and even the Caesars of Rome.

To then come and say Muhammad was the “perfect” man, one can never free one’s self of vices. Oh well, you don’t have to deal with the problem of sin if you have less sin that Muhammad and he was the perfect man!

What has happened to children who have been victims of Catholic priests’ sexual abuse is they often get involved in drugs or become suicidal. That Muhammad was suicidal fits into how he may have been abused given the prevalence of what happens with male suicide.

People like Mommahad was Mentioned 100% in the New testament we don’t need to doubt
Matthew 24:11
and many false prophets will arise and mislead many
1 John 2:22
Who is the liar, if it is not the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, who denies the Father and the Son.
1 John 4:3
and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming, and is already in the world at this time

Allah is a fake god that Mohammed created to justify his sinful, wicked lifestyle. Momo was a messenger of the devil and led so many people away from the Lord. Follow Jesus… the sinless, perfect son of God…trust in Him, OUR only hope and solution to our sin…Muslims how can you be forgiven from God. Without that sacrifice…you can’t! Mohammed lied to you…call on Christ!!

If people like Adnan Rashid think that by confusing Muslims with their dawah lies about David Wood, Sam Shamoun and Tony Costa they can prevent them from forsaking the religion then let them listen to the words of Gamaliel as recorded in Acts 5: 38- 39: "So in the present case I tell you, keep away from these men and let them alone, for if this plan or this undertaking is of man, it will fail; but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them. You might even be found opposing God!”

muhammad was false prophet and worst of all human being ever lived at times of Muhammed lust after women for sex murder delivered false revelation.lord Jesus come to save the world from sin but muhammad destroy the message of love and make people to sin

I am disappointed once again. As an ex-Muslim, I agree with a number of criticisms of Islam and Muhammad. However, there are times when people are disingenuous and it makes me sad that someone who describes themselves as Christian acts in a way that would no doubt disappoint Jesus.

  1. Islam/Muhammad didn’t abolish slavery - Nor did Jesus (what England did in the 17/18th century is very much irrelevant).
    2.Islam is a slavery-centered religion, with Muslims having a relationship with god that is master/slave while in Christianity is more like a father/son relationship.
    The Bible: Masters, do the same to them, and stop your threatening, knowing that he who is both their Master and yours is in heaven and that there is no partiality with him. (Ephesians 6:9,)"*
  • I’ve used that verse to make a point, but I would expect a person to study that verse to understand context and what Christian scholars say regarding it and I would expect any people, Christian or otherwise, to do their own research to and not take what someone else says)

Plenty of questionable things about Islam, and for me, there is no doubt about Muhammad - he wasn’t a prophet. But we still need to conduct ourselves to a high standard, one that perhaps isn’t grounded in biases and partisanship.