Watch Me Delete My Facebook Account! (Sic Semper Tyrannis!)

Facebook has banned me multiple times this month, on completely bogus charges. Let’s go through my so-called violations of the Community Standards, and then I’ll delete my Facebook account!

Until the major social media platforms adopt policies that are similar to the freedoms found in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, there will be no end to the censorship and deplatforming.

David Wood discusses the issue.

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I think it’s fun to like, heart, and pin my own comment!

And now you’re probably gonna be officially done with, YouTube.

David I wish I had your courage I don’t know if I could be confident while being threatened with death


So it looks like that Facebook is owned by fascist. I have been thinking for years to cancel my Facebook. Thank you David wood for your amazing videos. Keep up the good work and I am praying for you and your family.

Great news, I never ever had a tweeter or a facebook or any other social media account.I am only in Sharia Tube . Yes it is hard to get out of the internet all together, we have to make sure tyrants will not be able to control the freedom of speech, actually I was banned from Sharia tube once so I entered with a different email account and other hardware… I do not even have a chanel here, and they banned me. Go figure. So now Sharia Tube is unsafe , take cover . :sunglasses:

No irony David, FB and the other platforms ARE FASCISTS in their behavior.

I’ve deleted my Facebook 3 years ago, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Zuckerberg is a Jewish man, yet he could care less about his people and Christians. Wealth turns people into the worst of creature.

11:07 Keyboard jihadi’s :joy::joy:

The idiot who wrote that comment to David is really a subhuman

Ive been off facebook since me mum came on it, that was like in 2013 or 2014. FBs a cringy social media for old people, i used to me active on twitter and instagram, i got banned off twitter after critiquing the islamic majority in my country, and now i rarely use instagram after posting my work (im a visual artist) daily last time (2016 -2019)

Can we normalize messanger pigions again? Or will the left just start shooting them?

Everybody have to post this on hes Facebook i do so NOW ( 5K Friends)

Creepy… Facebook had become a jihadi folowet…

Sounds as tho facebook is a tool used by the devil.

FB is the biggest bunch of weak Commies that I know of. I no use for them for sure…

Not to nit pick but deactivate != delete. Deactivation merely disables the login, your data is still retained (hence the ability to reactivate your account). Delete removes everything (well so they say)

No doubt I’ve search your Facebook account to send you a friend request and keep following you how you’re destroying Islam but I couldn’t ,since you deleted your account.