We Survived the 2020 Ramadan Bombathon!

The month of Ramadan is always a deadly month, as jihadis love to target non-Muslims and Muslims from different sects of Islam during the month of pretend fasting.

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ATTENTION! I won’t be able to post videos or do livestreams for the next week, because YouTube gave me a “hate speech” strike for my video “Global Persecution of Christians: Disturbing Trends.” Yes, YouTube has now declared that discussing the persecution of Christians is “hate speech.” You can watch the banned video on my BitChute channel: BANNED BY YOUTUBE: "Global Persecution of Christians: Disturbing Trends"

TROP is run by Zionists. That doesn’t mean that they’re wrong, just that they have an anti-Christian agenda at the end of the day.

Fasting lol it’s hilarious :rofl::joy::rofl:

Muslims can go all over the world and practice their religious festivals. This does not apply to other religions. Thanks to Islam.

Quran 9:29 and Quran 2:192 is the peaceful verse in Quran Allahhuakbar!

Blasted hypocritical asses

How many were killed by western governments??

The quran gratifies sinful desires and excuses them. While the Bible exposes and condemns them.

Bombathon :joy::joy::joy:

No not the true fasting brother. To be true in faith muslims should restrain their eating etc even when fast is over gorging is not right but that’s people’s personal decision to stuff their faces but wrong for Islam . The purpose is to practice self restraint in all areas of life get informed

(0:16) ••Isaiah 5: 20 WOE UNTO THEM THAT CALL EVIL GOOD, and GOOD EVIL; that put DARKNESS FOR LIGHT, and LIGHT FOR DARKNESS; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! (KJV)

Thanks Iran for because iran isis and 80 American soldiers who are in iraq promoting ISIS

I’m grateful for David Wood. News will never tell you how many people Islam kills

Why do white men think they know about Islam more than us, he clearly does not know what he is talking about, same thing I don’t have a clue about the Bible I will not speak of it.

Do u even know what fasting is in ramadan? U say so proudly thalt we stuff ourseoves with 2 times the amount of food then we usually do, in islam to complete fasting u cant just not eat so u can “stuff” urself, i dont think u even realize the reasoning behind why we fast. Islam says to fast is not just not to eat, fasting is giving charity to others, no cursing or violence, (meaning extremists actions are againts islams request) no pornography or any other viewing, no masturbation, no music. Islam wants this month for repentance, and for acts of worship, u call islam a religion of war? If this is what a religion of war requests as worship, for a whole month of condistent kind acts and helpful ones as well as repentance to our lord, then i wonder how u proudly shame islam is if you know it well, u talk about this holy month as if its a horrible terrifying event? How can u proudly shame it over a billion people worldwide like this. U treat it as if its islam thats the reason these people die, islam says if u kill 1 person it is as if u killed all humanity, i find it funny how christians in america are destroying shops cursing cops and other things while islam is against any of that, in fact going to heaven in islam is by doing good deeds , yet u blame Islam for these acts u claimed in the video,and u dont even know the reason we Muslims fast, we fast to realise above anything else we need food, and to realise what the poor go through, no muslim ever fasts for the sake of stuffing themselves!!! Today u disgraced a religion in a unbelievable way, i feel very offended that the religion which taught me to be kind and caring to others, and how to live my life the way i live it is put in interpretated in such a way!!! Is this what ur religion taught u? Degrade other ones and insult them in such ways? Our religion taught us to respect each and every religion, i hope u understand what i said, thank you

Islam is a religion of hate and selfishness with all evils. Muslims can’t see others happy and are against humanity which teaches to love each other and be nice… Islam is satanic and it’s against Love So, the point is Love means God and hate means Evil.

You can talk all of this and say whateva you want about Islam but when the day of judgment comes we will see what happens

They crush the competition because their god is satan.

Stay away from Islam!!! Stay closer to CHRIST.:pray: