Weekend Update (November 13, 2016)

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Here’s a quick update. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for something awesome.

I’m praying for your son. I also pray your trip goes well.

Keep up the good work; God bless you David

oh dear David. I will pray for your kid. Shame on the muslims who lied to me by telling that you have divorced. I was feeling sorry for nothing.

You are a real man of God! Our Lord will take care of your kids all the best bro

Where in Texas are you and are you still here! I would love to see you.

David God Bless you and your family in what you do for the Lord!! You are such a blessing for many !!! keep fighting the good fight of faith. You’re in our prayers

Praying for your son & that everything goes well. This is Monday & it might be a little late but I’ll pray for ya anyways I thank God for what you are doing, keep up the good work & may God’s angels surround you at all times. D Isaac Faddis

Hi David I hope Paley is doing better with his cough and his lungs stay clear from pneumonia. I will keep you all in my prayers.

hi David god bless you and all your family and god bless Nabeel. I’m new to Christianity I’m reading mere Christianity I love it my question is what is your favourite book apart from the bible for new Christian’s?

I hope your son has a swift recovery!

east coast 1:30?

Acts17Apologetics What do you think about the link of Islam being a new version or getting much of there religion from Hinduism? I have seen many videos that show compelling similarities between the two.

“spread the peace, feed the poor, be kind to relatives, pray to god in private at night” - prophet muhammed
May God cure your kids and make them feel better :slight_smile:

this isnt nabeel!

Million thanks David as you are my “KING TEACHER” Sir we all are praying for your SON’S May Lord God Almighty bless all 4/four of them and you the Parents. Stay blessed.

God bless

David, can you write the name of your son (for prayer) because i don’t want to get it wrong. (is it “Paley” ?)

For those of you from France ?

I hope you can make it out to Arizona some day … I will keep your boy and the rest of your family in prayer!!