Weekend Update (November 13, 2016)

God bless You and Your family David!

Praying for your family.


I heard quite a few stories about your son Luke. I’d be proud to have a son like him. He has some good attributes that I don’t have.

God protect you and your family.

David Woods. Bless You. May the Lord bless your wife and Bless your sweet babies. I will pray for you babies virtually non stop until you return. Remember our Heavenly Father is not only with us but also with our loved ones while we travel. Have a blast and thank you for the details. I know exactly what to pray for.

Prayers sent for you and your family.

I am in absolute awe at the strength and resolve that you have been given in regards to your family’s constant state of Illness Dave. I only pray that God gives me the same strength in my life. I’ll keep you in my prayers David, God bless you fellow soldier

May God really bless you and your family.

David I love you man…I will be praying for you and your children… thanks for all your hard work…God bless.

Praying for your boys and hope you enjoy the rare getaway with your wife!

Praying for your son God bless you and your family, thanks again David. You’ve always been a light in this very dark place.

i always want to attend your speech… but i can’t because the distance is too far… im from indonesia btw… hi david

Bro i am praying for ur kid and Nabeel daily… god bless u bro…

LOL Youtube had this recommend on the comedy list. Might want to look into that David.

David for president

I pray that Christ Jesus heals your children from their illnesses, and gives you strength and courage, you and your wife to face your difficulties in your daily life, amen.

Are you going to be in Colorado any time soon?

Have a safe flight.

may God be with you wherever you go! God bless your family!

I was complaining about how should I do apologetic’s when people in the Church discourage you. David doesn’t answer to my comment, but demonstrates with his life. Thank you David…your life is an apologetic in itself to disbelievers. Stay blessed !