Welcome to Israel: First Evening (Tel Aviv, Caesarea, Tiberias)

After arriving in the evening in Tel Aviv, Israel, we headed to the ancient city of Caesarea for dinner. We made it to our hotel in Tiberias (on the coast of the Sea of Galilee) late at night, so I’m posting this and going to sleep! More to come tomorrow!

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Tomorrow we head to Magdala (the town of Mary Magdalene), the Mount of Beatitudes, Capernaum (home to FIVE of Jesus’ disciples), and the Golan Heights!

Free Palestine :heart: :palestinian_territories:


Nice trip to Palastien

What is the coast of your Jerusalem visit?

Our Holy city Jerusalem

Truths about Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Bible quotes that Jesus Christ is the only go begotten Son of God and the Messiah who came to provide Salvation to all creations of God.

Quran also quotes that Jesus is the Messiah but not God or Son of God. Both books accepts that Jesus Christ is Holy and Righteous and Word of God who came from Almighty God. Absolutely no one doubt or question that He is from God especially the Qur’an and Muslims. There are no issues of acceptance of Him being the Godly One either by Muslims nor by any other faith including the Hindus except the Atheist and Jews.

This is the ongoing debate between Muslims and Christians. Non disrespect Jesus except the Jews who continues to rejects and refused to accept Jesus even as a Messiah.

But sadly, when come to Muhammad the debate is always surrounds his living that was tainted with how evil and immoral he was. Questions and doubts always arise how can a perverted man like him can be God’s messenger or prophet. Even Muslims are struggling to accepts him as a man from Allah what’s more to defend him and his evil deeds. Entire humanity struggles to accept him as a messenger of God. Even Qur’an reveals him as lunatic and demon possessed and worst he was oppressed by witchcrafts to the extent he lost his mind and even communicated and quoted the received satan’s messages.

Qur’an reveals that his life has surrounded with so many allegations and scandals. He is able to be proved beyond doubt that he was a sexual and immoral pervert in his whole life until his death. He has misguided hundreds of millions innocent people for 1400 years.

His life and living is completely tainted by his sexual misconduct scandals, betrayal of close allies, murder of Jews and Christians, raping the captivated women of Jews and Christians, slavery and slave trades, idolatry, robbery, terrorism, lies, crime of child marriage and polygamy, adultery and fornication not only himself but also misleading his followers in millions into his evil deeds during his life and even after his death his followers has been pursuing his evil tasks. And the poor Muslims have to defend him for 1400 years. And they still pursue to carry out his his evil deeds that never ends. Hoping that they can justify his evil deeds before the world by fabricating lies to be the truth and drawing a deceiving pictures of his tainted life of him to be righteous and holy and how he represents allah and what allah told him so even though it was his fabricated lies…it is devastating and disgraceful for the Muslims who believes in this lies. It’s a tragedies upon tragedies. Because of these deceptions, millions of Muslims are heading for hell without the Redeemer and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Hopefully the Muslims will come into awareness of his evil life and fabricated lies and scams, deceptions and manipulation, and renounce the cult and the evil man and his ways and willingly and boldly embrace Christ as thier Saviour for the salvation of their souls. God may have mercy on them because God loves every soul and He desires non should perish.

Watching these videos again. Because why not!?

It’s Palestinian idiot

"Pretty dope wall":rofl:

Always wanted to visit Israel . I follow Joshua Aaron and he shows a lot of Israel and does tours . He also has great music , messianic . Looking forward to watching all the videos you have . Thank you for all the teaching


Tuhan memberkatimu selalu DavidWood , GBU

Israel is like a place for corpses in the eyes of Indonesians

عاشت فلسطين حره ابديه:palestinian_territories::palestinian_territories::palestinian_territories::palestinian_territories::palestinian_territories::palestinian_territories:

I would LOVE to visit Israel some day. I’m afraid with all this madness in the world right now, I might not get to… :confused:

I have NEVER been able to sleep in an airplane…ever! My home is in Bordeaux in France. Praise Yeshua, our Lord :blush:

Before China destroyed the World…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

omg !!
how did i missed you over here ! i hope you enjoyed brother