Welcome to our Community!

Why does this community exist and what can it offer to you? It is a place for you to access all archived comments of the deleted videos of David Woods’ ‘Acts 17 Apologetics’ YouTube channel. Sure, archiving the videos is important but the comments also are of great value and make the videos complete like they were on YouTube. To my knowledge this is the only place on the Internet to offer this combination!

So enjoy reading the comments of converted Muslims, Muslims yet in denial and everybody else, 430k users in total! Combined there are over 2.2 million comments archived. Using the modern forum software Discourse you can now rediscover the comments in new ways; like for example you can now Search in all comments!

But it doesn’t stop there! You are invited to continue the discussion on the archived videos, and also post new topics. Just create an account and start contributing!

Some extra information:

  • On the archive website https://apologetics-archive.com the first 100 comments are embedded below each video. To read all comments and post your reply, just click on to this Community.
  • Some videos had comments disabled on YouTube, but you are free to start commenting on those videos over here
  • Everything has been restored; no filtering applied over here! (* about 0,3% was not restored because of errors)
  • It was impossible to get the exact date of each comment as YouTube doesn’t provide this. So you’ll see a lot of comments sharing the same rough date of posting. The order of comments is there however.
  • Comment replies work different on Discourse compared to YouTube, but you can still access threaded replies if you are on a desktop browser (mobile works less convenient for this).
  • Comments have been archived in the weeks before channel deletion; some recent comments entered after archiving are missing. This is especially true for the last videos posted by David; these were often archived only hours after posting so they hold only a small subset of comments.

About the YouTube accounts used for posting

All YouTube accounts of each user/channel who has posted a comment have been recreated locally, including a local copy of the profile picture. These accounts are NOT linked anymore to the YouTube accounts, so the original posters won’t receive any notification if you reply to them in this Community.

If this Community gains traction I can foresee people wanting to re-use their own YouTube account on this Community. Technically this is possible where the account is transferred back to the original owner. I’m open to see if we can make this work out in a good way on a case-by-case basis.

OK, so there you have it! This is one big experiment and it remains to be seen how it will be received. So expect changes/updates as things unfold!

Kind regards, AA