What about Quran-Only Muslims? (David Wood)

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To critique Muhammad’s life and teachings, we often quote the Hadith. An increasing number of Muslims, however, reject the Hadith, claiming that they only believe in the Quran. What should we think of these “Quran-Only Muslims” (who are regarded as heretics by orthodox Muslims)? David Wood discusses the issue.

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Without lies Islam is dead

It also doesn’t seem like Islam was originally meant to be a standalone religion. The Quran is very brief as religious texts go, and in the Quran, Muhammad says he isn’t advocating for anything truly new. On the contrary, Muhammad says he’s nothing more than a messenger repeating what the other prophets, like Jesus and Noah, already taught humanity. Clearly, Muhammad just wanted to reiterate Judeo-Christian values, and when the Quran instructs believers to emulate Muhammad, it is only telling them to emulate Muhammad’s Judeo-Christian values.

The Hadiths are nothing more than fabricated history, and have little to do with Muhammad’s life. Many of them contradict each other, and many of them are nonsensical. It’s amazing that anyone ever took them seriously.

The problem with Wood’s argument is that the Hadiths are not authentic at all, so the Quran’s injunction for Muslims to live as Muhammad did is meaningless in terms of following the Hadiths. The Quran says to live as Muhammad lived, not to live as some unscrupulous people (like those that wrote the Hadiths) CLAIMED Muhammad lived.

Furthermore, the Quran provides ample justification for rejecting the Hadiths. The Quran states that the Quran is perfect, infallible and complete, and that additional Hadiths are not necessary. Therefore, any Hadith which adds something new to the Quran - which is pretty much all the Hadiths - must be rejected. And the barbaric Hadiths that advocate stoning adulterers to death, or throwing gays off rooftops, etc., must be rejected with extreme prejudice because they directly contradict the Quran, which tells believers not to kill except in self-defense.

The so called Quranists have an advantage so far as they claim the Quran to be actually perfect, however their rejection of the Hadith means abandoning half of Islam, including all information about the author of Quran, historical foundations of the religion, and most of the moral guidance, what makes their version of Islam rather dysfunctional in practise. When it comes to the Sunni’s/Shia’s, they have an advantage so far as the Hadith makes their version of Islam somehow functional in practice, however their heavy reliance on the Hadith when it comes to over 50% of the religion proves that the Quran itself is an insufficient and incomplete holy book, so it’s generally disadvantageous to be on either side.

he cant say anything about the quran becouse it’s perfect only talk is about hadith

quran says 5 times a day do reasearch please one surat tells about 4 and a other one in a other hadith

Hadiths are made to harm Islam and the Prophet and i can expose any Salafi muslim in 15 min because the weakest thing is hadiths from Bukhari and Sahih Al muslim

David 5 times prayers and other
Prayers are in sun na not hadith
Generations,after generations Muslims prayed 5 times a day
Hadith helps but we know without hadith from sun na that we pray 5 times a day

Oh my! Poor Muslims are so confused . Muslims come home to Jesus.

I read one column saying Muhammad has the strength of 30 horse’s I don’t true what they saying

Oh yeah, real funny. Did i forget to mention that stoning is in the Quran? Even though its gone, its still there on the tablet that he has.

I’ve come to one conclusion, check in with DWood b4 you pose any argument for you fake prophet. He’ll set you straight for sure

Who are these new generations of Quran only muslims who follow hadith? Also…you are correct…reject hadith and most of Islam goes as well…the ultimate qurstion then, can you refute the Quran on its merits? If you can’t, then there goes most of Christianity…do you have the moral courage to accept that fact?

If the hadith conforms with the Quran it is redundant…if it is against the Quran, it is haram. Simple.

He literally said “all the hadith cannot be true”, meaning hadith is not infallible. Not that it’s impossible for a single hadith to be true. Are you deliberately misportraying?

yasir qadhi ----------> holes in the narrative

Dude,Quranist muslims start to grow in 1900s. İts speed up in 1980s. How on earth you manage think were increasing because of channels like you? Literally all of you came after 2005. İts not just doesnt add up. İts also very one sided.

Hadith is totally irrelevant post revelation just as the letters of Paul are irrelevant post gospel Jesus Muhammad were Prophets continuing a long line of prophets delivering the message of God Christians and Muslims support a religion are you a believer it’s hard to tell