What Every Christian Needs to Know about Islam (David Wood)

With more than 1.6 billion adherents globally, Islam is the second largest religion in history. Despite such impressive numbers, however, much of the world’s population knows little about Islam. In this video, David Wood discusses some of the basic information Christians need to learn about the beliefs of Muslims.

Allah is no Father got it. A master slave relationship got it. So that explains why he placed his slaves in the desert


As usual misleading people with half of information
All of my Christian brothers please read Qur’an by yourself and realise that the message of Moses and Abraham and Mohammad sws is same

Allah says in the Qur’an I am the most merciful and entirely merciful .
And Allah extremely love those who repent to Him honestly.

If God sent Muhammad as a last prophet because the Gospel was corrupted by the people, why would the Quran say to follow the Gospel? The Quran is supposed to be the correction of the corrupted Gospel so why read the Gospel?
Islam has no logic, brain washed!

One more like on 2021. Dav you are a legend


 Nice work. As a Mystic of God’s what you are saying is correct on Islam. 

 From this Mystic’s experience, there is no way that Mohammed said about God is without error. 

 Allah, the one that Mohammed saw from a distance, is and was Jesus Christ as God, meaning in God mode. God mode rather than person mode. 

 In God Mode, neither Jesus, The Holy Spirit, nor God The Father, is knowable as persons. Rather, They are glowing power only entities for a lack of a better word. 

 When Mohammed saw Jesus as God, in God Mode, mistakenly or purposely, he said that was the only God, when in fact three entities are God, when those persons are God. 

 Another clue for Mystics, who were allowed to see what Mohammed saw, is that since He saw Jesus as God, all of his sayings about God, would be in agreement with what Jesus said, and or what the Father said about Himself, or what The Holy Spirit said about The Father or Jesus. 


Who then wrote the Qur’an?

Hahahaha … that echo is funny you make me laugh Christian Prince

I like to hear about islam and christian bcz my husband is muslem and I’m christian seperate religion I have 3 child

Thankyou Dr. Wood
I have watched many of your video and appreciate them all. You, Sam Shamoun, Inspiring Philosophy, Mike Winger, Rabbi Feldman, Apostate Prophet, and many other religious video. I am a Christian and believe the creator sent Jesus to show us the way. And lead us to the father. On one hand, I don’t understand why some humans attached the Christians collection of books to the Hebrews collection of books. And now a lot of people call it THE collection of books. You know that is what a bibliography is, “A collection of books”. The Quran is a book, it is not a bible. It is like the bible of cookies for bakers.
Muhammed must have had a better grasp on his followers than Jim Jones did. His cult has lasted a lot longer.

In the hebrew books it tells of the creators displeasure of his creation of humans. Although the Hebrews try to say they are the creators chosen ones. When that is just a religion. We now know that there were different species of human. The creator chose homo-sapiens as the final draft. (Species and final draft are human words not of the spiritual realm ). Abraham just came before Muhammed, in fact they say that Abraham spawned the bastard child that eventually spawned Muhammed. Now I hear people cry about the female genital mutilation that some Islamic sects perform. When no one complained about the male genital mutilation that started with Abraham.

First christians need to know about christanity then about islam do you hear that bible lead me to accept islam

A Christian should know…1.Muslims have clear truthful theory about god.
2 .Three times dead human become alive while prophet Muhammad prayed to God Allah.
3.According to Muslims belief Jesus is not crusified. But the betrayer who was helping Israeli team to identify Jesus is crusified. Allah turned the betrayer’s face as same as Jesus and lifted prophet Jesus alive towards him.

My daughter married a Muslim and his eyes glaze over when I talk about Jesus. I hope to use your points about Islam’s inconsistencies, but I can just picture his ears closing up.

Surah al-i-imran
3 / 31say.if you do love Allah , follow me, Allah will love you and forgive you your sins, for Allah is oft- forgiving, most merciful,
3/ 32 say, obey Allah and his apostle, but if they turn back, Allah loves not those who reject Faith.
( I ask David wood . You what is means of ( Reject Faith)
David wood why you always you lie to people about Qur’an

Is there any archaeological evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ?

he was on tv?

Father Jesus holy ghost is trinity.allah gebrael Muhammad is it not trinity ?

in quran it says all muslims r Allah’s slaves??? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::joy: