What Everyone Needs to Know about the Black Hebrew Israelites (Vocab Malone)

Two Black Hebrew Israelites (David Anderson and Francine Graham) recently carried out a deadly terror attack against Jews in Jersey City, New Jersey. Are the teachings of Hebrew Israelism connected to violence such as the Jersey City shooting, or was the shooting in Jersey City an unrelated hate crime? Vocab Malone discusses five teachings of the Black Hebrew Israelites that have given rise to hostility, harassment, and the New Jersey shooting.

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I’ll be LIVE on Vocab’s channel tonight at 9:00pm (Eastern Time). Here’s the link: Anti-Semitism in Islam | Sam Shamoun & David Wood - YouTube

To all the people calling these people deluded and crazy, you are correct. But so was Mohammed, and these people are basically saying the same things, killing, exterminating, enslaving. Keep an eye on these folk, they will get more desperate as more and more people leave either due to finding the truth or losing faith in their fradulent predictions, they WILL be one at the forefront of those who would fan the flames of racial tensions today.

Are Hezekiah Israelites part of a sect of Black Hebrew Israelites? Very interesting information. These are part of a faction that verbally attacked Nick Sandman and the other students from what I’m hearing.

First time hearing malone speak as a narrator wow he’s a completely different person

Hebrew Israelites are wack


2nd esdras 6:56 :grin: APTTMH

Black Israelite is a Cult of Satan.

People can’t take the truth lol

Never heard about the shooting. If the assailants had been white, it’d still be in the news.

It’s 2022 and their false prophecies didn’t came true. I hope one day the Messiah returns but who knows when he will. Ill die believing in Jesus cause fuck Satan

That religion is the very definition of FUBAR (F’d up beyond all recognition)

What would Hebrew Israelites think of mixed race folk like me?

The term “black Jew” is an oxymoron because there can be no such thing. A black person may follow the Jewish religion ( a dead end for the last two millennia and at which time all genetic decent of Jews was forever destroyed), but they can never be a Jews by genealogical decent. From what has been published one thing is certain, and that is that neither the Jews in Israel nor the Jews scattered abroad are agreed on who is actually a Jew. This just more black wishful thinking, something they seem to excel at, to say nothing of being totally insane! They seem also to miss the facts that slavery started for them in Africa…by other Africans, long long before other races became involved AND that God himself directed that his true worship through Jesus was thrown open to all persons regardless of race which included of course Jews and blacks. Indeed one of the early gentile converts to Christianity was an Ethiopian.

Bunch of illiterate racists

What a bunch of deluded nut cases!

One cannot separate beliefs from actions, it’s impossible. .

Their predictions are slightly less inaccurate than those of Harold Camping.

Solomon white and ruddy who blushes and had eyes like waters and a pointed nose, Noah red as a rose and white as snow, Adam that means to flush blood in the face turn rosy, Nazerites, white like milk redder than rubies, David ruddy of fair countenance, Jesus head AND hair White like wool and feet like bronze FIRED IN a FURNACE from the greek word to burn bright!


We read Abraham drinking milk with his people! They are clearly lactose tolerant! STrange how both groups claiming to be hebrews are not! Hmmm?

Genetics show blue eyed white people came from iran into the levant 6500 years ago!

Have a look at the hair and bones structure of the Pharos WE NOW HAVE 4000 YEARS IF DNA !

WHere did noah land and who is named after those mountains?

Just a FEW if the white and ruddy descriptions

Yes there is a MASSIVE identity theft going on for sure!

PS they will tell you verses of dark skin, but will skip the next verse telling you they are burnt under the sun and its shameful

I wonder why the people in the levant are mixed and have MIXED DNA partially EUropean! HMMM?