What Happened to Nina Follows Christ?

Link to Nina Follows Christ: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6nvUgceBJazRkFjwSRl_XA

Why dont you interview Nina and Joseph instead.

Just saw this where is her new channel :pray::pray::pray::pray:

I believe the page is blocked.

Looks like YouTube strikes again with their sidekicks of Islam! No you cannot criticize Islam but we can criticize everyone elses religion and beliefs. Very special bunch these jihadis, someday the world will wake up and put them where they belong, in a loony bin or jail, maybe better than having them walk amongst us and threaten our lives and the lives of millions that are innocent. But our new politicians and communist generation of tards say they know better and Islam is a religion of peace. Lololol I died laughing when I hear that!

The link you provided is no longer available :cry:

what happen to her now, David? do you have any updates on her?

we need to get her new channel, because that channel is also shut

The link no longer works.

Any update on her current status? Hope she’s safe !

Her channel is gone again.

New link to Nina Follows Christ is not working.

Wow jihadist they say that and they will be saying that there religion teaches peace

Nina channel is gone again.

the new is shut down too

I was searching for her channel and i think i found it (selah sevenfold) and i do not find recent videos. the latest was in febuary of this year. where she is now, during this covid time??? i really want to connect with her.

@acts17apologetics any updates on Nina?

Even that new channel was taken down. The link you posted was again a channel dead-end.

Her channel is no longer available…