What Is Best in Life?

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In “Conan the Barbarian,” a Khitan general asks his warriors, “What is best in life?” In this video, David Wood explores the answers of Muhammad, Jesus, and Paul. According to Muhammad, the greatest thing in the world is dying for Allah while waging jihad. According to Jesus and Paul, the greatest thing in the world is love.

Conan is real and I will follow him into battle. But I also like his late nite show too when I wanna laugh.

Nice sentiment from Jesus. Too bad so many of his followers over the years didn’t listen to a word he said.

In the Bible, Father God wants us to listen to His Son , Jesus. Jesus wants us to love God as well as to love others.

Conan was a true muslim.

Best in life is to get a TIME CAPSULE

To see my enemies driven before me and to hear the lamentations of their women is what is best in life. Our enemies are the same and victory over them means all the live in the world. Love it up… After the war

I think a game of chess in which I crush the enemy, see him driven before me, and hear the lamentations of his woman is best in life.

Three biggest threats to sovereign liberty and freedom today: Globalism, Democrat Socialist-Communism and Islamic Jihadi Colonizers.
All three contend for world domination and all three are still willing to commit atrocities to force their ideologies upon others.

Islamic paradise: an eternal wine fueled sex orgy with unlimited permanent virgins that supernaturally return to virginity after intercourse.
(Sounds like a nymphomaniac’s fantasy)
I’m gonna go with Y’e’shua Christ Jesus’ and His promise of the kingdom of heaven. It sounds FAR better.

powerful, thank you.

The most important thing in life is see ALL life as a secret amazing entity and this world as an oasis. Especially in comparison to the cold empty universe.

Even though I am an atheist, I like the idea of praising love and compassion. So I definitely prefer Christianity’s values over Islam’s. I consider them totally human , not divine in any way. We all want to love and be loved and not suffer needlessly. We want to be free to make our own choices and not be suppressed.

Excellent video! Well done!

WOW, you explained that so well. Asante sana.

Well as a christian, Conan is right indeed, but Jesus is righter

Love is the answer.
-Approved by Atheist

Listened again. Too bad I can’t like again. So I write this. :+1:

Chapter 13 of 1 Corinthians from the Apostle Paul is the most beautiful words I have ever heard or read.

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