What Is Jihad? (Robert Spencer)

What is jihad? “Jihad” is an Arabic word meaning “struggle,” and thus may be applied to a variety of forms of physical, emotional, or spiritual exertion. In its religious context, however, the most relevant form of jihad is devoted to violently subjugating non-Muslims. Robert Spencer discusses the issue.

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OR just read UNDERSTANDING MOHAMMED by Ali Sina written with full of AUTHENTIC REFERENCES and proper CONTEXT to fully understand this IDEOLOGY…

America likes Muslims because Saudi Arabia alliance now

Often manipulate the victim card to steals their victim’s voices too years later.

You will never know the real meaning of jihad if you are against Islam.

You are all strange people the word Jihad=Dahij=Dahej= Marriage dowery. This was very common in the old days when low caste or rich people wanted there daughters to marry high caste bloodlines. This was the highest struggle for people in those s days as everything else worked well. This factor freed the Nishads and gave them an upgrade to move out of nomadic tribes and start moving into City’s to adopt the new styles and culture. Dowery included money gold and expensive things. Ps it was my Great Great Great Grandfather that wrote and created the Quran and it’s other history components. And we have the original printing blocks in India. The entire Arabic pronunciation of the scripture is written in my Native Sanskrit Gujarati. It’s almost extinct now.:peacock::pray:t4::om::small_red_triangle::heavy_plus_sign:

Jihad is very confusing making it easy kill anyone who refuse islam and u will go to heaven

If you protect yourself , your family, your property , your land this also called Jihad

:So im learning more about Islam
:Great who are you listening to?
:s0mE RaND0m KAFER on yt

I’m a Muslim and it’s really great to see someone out of our religion is saying the truth. Yes, that is jihad. IDK why our scholars of the current time fear to say the original meaning of jihad. Although this non-muslim hate the Islamic jihad he said correctly.

And I like this jihad. Allahhuakbar

Bakalaka Dhaka Muhammad Jihad

If anyone is looking for a more faithful interpretation, I recommend looking elsewhere

Wtf!! This is sick. They are killing people because some maniac wrote quran and brainwashed people.

I feel like Im on a watch list now


This just strengthened my fear of Muslims

Good video Mr. Spencer, but I would like to comment on two points in the video.
First, I noticed that you were picking pictures of a terrorist organization ( ISIS ) while talking about islam, and I think I don’t have to explain that ISIS is not islam, on the contrary they’re killing muslims right now so why would they do Jihad against their muslim brothers? It’s because they’re political made organization not an Islamic one.
Second, you mentioned that we MUST kill the unbelivers if they didn’t believe …
And that’s not the case !
First you have to understand that the unbelievers are 6 kinds in Islam
1- the fighters
2- the weak
3- those who we have a truce with
4- the peaceful
5- the residents, ( unbeliever who’s been living in a muslim country )
6- the non-objections
We’re only allowed to fight the first ones, and I advise you read more about it.

Edit: English is not my first language so it’s kind of difficult for me to explain such a big topic ( Jihad ) so excuse my stupid mistakes and I advise you to read about it so you get a better understanding :pray:t3: :heart: .

I hope that one day due to better knowledge facilities provided through internet, all will come to know that what great saints and great people like Gandhiji said that ‘All religions, all scriptures’ tell the same story of the soul’s jouney to god, that day terrorism would end.

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You should make videos in Hindi for Hindus