What Is Sharia?

Robert Spencer’s website: https://www.jihadwatch.org

What is Sharia? That depends on whom you ask. In this video, Robert Spencer explains the role of Sharia in orthodox Islam.

Good video… Truth is truth :+1:

Thank you. David Bill Warner, Jay Smith Robert thank you saviors of mankind.
Madame President in sharia land. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

First time hearing you Dr Spencer and guessed you have earned a fan. Keep up the good work and may the Lord cover you and bless the work of your hands. Blessings

Because Islam is a militants, lead by a warlord Muhammad

What’s up with that madam president book brother. She’s a demon :smiling_imp:

A law like Sharia can only be made by a 14th century, sick-minded, pervert. I’m pretty sure that the period of 2000 years was the worst for humanity and everything natural and beautiful.

Hillary ?

If Qur’an 5: 3 came to reform Christianity and Judaism the immutable word of God, this explains why Qur’an doesn’t match with the Bible. So yes Muhammad is the one who corrupted the scriptures. How contradicting Qur’an is.

Sharia law is Satan’s law.

Sharia is Religion of peace “It’s a western construct” it’s Hollywood islam and Hillary’s favorite religion😆

well a more simple answer would be: SOMETHING WE DONT NEED IN THE WEST!

Do not believe the Islamists, Shariah law is concerning with penalties such as cutting the hands for dissipation of money, whipping or stoning to death and cutting of hands and feet for rebelling against the Islamic rulers in public. It is nonhuman and unsuitable for modern civilization. They claim that Islam honored the women but in fact it made a woman half man as regarding wittness or heritage

A lot of people here claiming sharia is the devils law.
I have read the satanic bible and I must say, lucifer’s laws are a lot more sound, reasonable, and advocative for progressive thinking.

Please don’t compare a garbage law such as sharia to a reasonable and progressive set of ideals that is the satanic bible.

Sharia law is satanic law. Satan really got his way with these ppl. Pray for all Muslims to see the Truth. Sad…

Fuck Sharia law. We have Christian laws instead.

What kind of god allows this kind of pain , he is not god but a tyrant !!! God is about love ,understanding, compassion, and freedom of choice !!!

Its not benign you stupid twat

Sharia law is made by and for motherfcking asholes

Robert, I haven’t been given notifications of your videos. I guess you and Tommy Robinson have joined the ranks of the censored.