What Is Taqiyya?

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Taqiyya (taqiya, taqiyah, taqiyyah) is a form of Islamic deception. The Quran (16:106 and 3:28) allows Muslims to lie in order to protect themselves or to protect the Muslim community. In this video, David Wood explains the Islamic doctrine of taqiyya.

muslim brotherhood organization local agents first enter in left or liberal groups of respective country as atheist… then they become bridge between liberal and muslim brotherhood local groups… then the start to devide people there for any resion like racism, cast, … to make that country’s weak…later when they got power in every field they start a war inside country. in US they must be trying to devide on color.
this work they do so hiddenly…as i watched a youtube video where someone from gulf country exposed muslim brotherhood…innocent people not understand their trick.

Attend a mosque undercover, fake hair, hidden camera and find out the truth

Islam = deception

Excellent video, thank you…

We former believer of lslam should always defend religious MusIim from unjustified prejudice like this, because we’re stiII MusIim in everyone eyes whether we like it or not.

Taqiyya = Religion of peace… :slight_smile:

11 years of learning Islam in the most religious state in my country and never heard of this word. Now I realized that religion was made by human intellect, this is why religion is an issue in 21st century society.

I am doing taqqiya here’s why
I’m 12 and I reverted recently, my family is from Iran but they’re not Muslim and they’re very Islamophobic because of the Iranian government, if I tell them I reverted, they will kill me

This explains IIham Omar even more clearly.

Very true when you say Muslims brought up in the West truly believe Islam is peaceful because they’ve been brainwashed and have never bothered to read the Quarantine and the Hadiths. I think they’re too afraid of what they will find out about the so called religion of peace which sanctions lying to get the upper hand then use that position to murder and subjugate the non believers.

Hmmm…sounds like cultural jihad

2:57 that is from their own teachings …no cult like that belongs here …it calls for our extermination if we don’t follow allah …Muhammad would never be American…that is for sure !

its the reason why nobody wants them…as next door neighbours…its not the people its islam that is satanic

You white people should stop pretending like you know everything.
I’m former believer of Islam and this word doesn’t exist at all, majority of Muslim are nice people.

Thanks for your just presentation of theie deceptive books you are Great.
God bless you.

Stop spreading hate, there’s nothing like forcefull convert into Islam, we don’t rape , enslave war hostages you guys read the verses of the Quran but you don’t check the definition of these verse.
Islam just like other religions peaceful but the propagandist medias and people like this idiot on the channel describes Islam as a terrorist religion, if Islam preaches terrorism we would have today almost 2 billion terrorist which would cause unrest around the globe. Don’t blame Islam for individuals mistakes, like when Hitler was responsible for 55 million people death no one from us said Christians are terrorist because Islam teaches us not to blame the whole group for individuals mistake, come on guys be logical.

Mr. Islamophobe you didn’t mention the meaning of 3:28 only reading the verses not sufficient there’s nowhere in Quran where it says attack non Muslims unless it’s in war cases just like 3:28(war context) stop spreading hate because it’ll produce nothing.

its lying out of necessity i.e. you dont have to die due to persecution

I just went to a 7/11 and when I get change back I got 2 dollar bills with the word TAQIYYA stamped on it in red what does this mean? Why is it on money?