What Is the Gospel?

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Jesus and his disciples commanded people to believe in the Gospel, and Christians have been preaching the Gospel ever since. But what is the Gospel? The word “Gospel” means “Good News.” The “Good News” found in the pages of the New Testament is that God did something for us that we could never do for ourselves.

You need to switch to the king James. The “new versions” say things like “being saved” vs the KJV says “are saved”. If we are being saved then it is a process. For example: turning from your sins which is a works based salvation. You also quoted John 3:16 which stated one and only son. That would be a contradiction. The right Bible says he is the only begotten son. When we are saved we also become sons (yes, and daughters) so Jesus is not the “one and only son”. Put down the Catholic inspired bibles and read the one and only Bible (in English) The authorized version.

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Thanks SO Much for ‘This lying, deceitful, Cynical…uhm…Wisdom??~~~~~~~~~~~’

O Lord You are good! Bless Your Holy name God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ

Laqad kafara allatheena qaloo inna Allaha thalithu thalathatin wama min ilahin illa ilahun wahidun wain lam yantahoo AAamma yaqooloona layamassanna allatheena kafaroo minhum AAathabun aleemun

Praise be to God for the blessing of Islam, the religion with God is Islam

I love you💙Father❤please forgive our sins for i walk in the Flesh…

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Brings me to tears every time. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:
I believe Jesus Christ is The Messiah, The Son of The Living God. Praise His matchless Name!! :sparkling_heart:

Wow. I got goosebumps, that was an excellent, straight-to-the-point, heart-piercing, awesome explanation of the Gospel. Thank you Brother David, it helps a lot.

Specially Muslims need to accept Lord Jesus Christ before leaving and all

Sin is defined as transgression of the law (like breaking the law). Therefore, repenting “of your sins” is keeping the law. Keeping the law is defined as works of the law. (The 10 Commandments is the Moral Law.)
The Bible warns us that salvation is for he who worketh NOT, that by NO WORKS of the law shall any flesh be justified (justified in the Bible lexicon is defined as “proclaimed sinless, innocent, blameless before God”). So, to be saved, believe on (trust) the Lord Jesus Christ and HIS finished work on the cross, death, burial & physical resurrection. To serve the Lord, turn from your sins. Our works of righteousness are like filthy rags. We have nothing to offer Him. Salvation is a FREE GIFT received by trust. In 1 Timothy we, as saved believers, are beseeched (asked/begged) to present our bodies holy (separate from the world), as living sacrifices (to fight the urge to sin) which is our REASONABLE SERVICE to the Lord. We serve Him this way. It’s also how we show our love (“If you LOVE Me keep My commandments.”). Discipleship is not about being saved, it’s about being a student. We all spiritually mature at different rates… & some stay immature.

A gospel is good news of Jesus Christ.

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This is a very nice video. I love to hear it.



The Gospel John 3:16 says: For GOD so Loved the World that He Gave His only Son (Jesus),
to be (OFFERED) as a substitute sacrifice to Die for our sins, so that whoever Believes in and (ACCEPTS) Him (as Savior) shall not perish, but have eternal life. (Be Saved)

The Gospel is a simple Legal Offer and Acceptance Contract, but the Greatest Contract ever made!

JOHN 3:16 Is The Perfect and Complete GOSPEL was Spoken Directly by Jesus to Nicodemus which by BELIEVING we are Born Again and SAVED! Jesus revealed His GOSPEL to His Apostle John and commanded that we Witness THE GOOD NEWS to all the World to be Saved.

If the Gospel John 3:16 was good enough for Jesus…It’s good enough for me. :slight_smile:

Sir, please teach on Christian doctrines too. Calvinism vs Arminianism. True concept of salvation. Faith without works is dead, etc.

To God be all the glory halleluja

I’m Elizé policart, I’m blessed by your teaching.

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