What Islam Really Teaches about God and Jesus (David Wood)

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For nearly two thousand years, Christians have proclaimed Jesus’ death, resurrection, and deity. Islam rejects all three of these core doctrines and offers a different account of who Jesus was and what happened at the cross and afterwards. But the Islamic account comes at a terrible price. In order to reject Jesus’ death, resurrection, and deity, Islam has to portray God as a horrible deceiver and Jesus as the most stupendous failure in the history of the prophets. So, while Muslims claim that “Allah is the Truth” and that Jesus is to be revered as one of Allah’s mightiest prophets, these claims are hollow, because a closer examination shows what Islam really teaches about God and Jesus.

To understand the theological incoherence that emerges from Muhammad’s teachings about Jesus, we’re going to look at ten facts. And when I say “ten facts,” I mean ten facts that even Muslims have to grant. They’re either facts about what Islam teaches or historical facts that Muslims can’t deny. Based on these ten facts, we’re then going to ask ten questions. And, as we’ll see, the Islamic answers to these questions will leave us wondering how Muslims can possibly expect us to take their theology seriously.

Allah deserves Allah the hellfire. Praise the lord Jesus christ praise god

I thought their allah is almighty but the best he can do is to trick people


Clearly, God of Christians is NOT the same as Allah of Muslims.

Jesus, God the Son, is exalted upon high… He is one with God the Father in communion with the Holy Spirit… Holy Trinity.

1 of Ten Commandments of God:

“Thou shalt not use the name of the Lord your God, in vani; For God shalt not leave unpunished anyone who uses His name in vain.”

I would love to see David study his own Christian faith and come into the Catholic Church. Many of our best at apologetics are former Protestants who sought out to prove Catholicism wrong. The Truth is at hand.

These are really good points.

This Single video to leave Islam :heart:

IF YOU HAVE DOUBTS ABOUT TRINITY please read John 17:1-5 and Mark 12:29-37 and John 6:44 in which Jesus himself, he is the one talking in these verses, he says he is the Son of God. He says Father gave him His glory and authority to resurrect us and you know, only God can resurrect us. If Jesus, as Eternal Son who inherited everything from the Eternal Father has the authority to resurrect us, Jesus is God. Read this as many times as you need, pray for the Holy Spirit to help you understand it.

:joy::joy::joy: david wood doesnt understand that you cant be a muslim without believing in jesus pbuh. which means muslims are followers of jesus, and as a muslim we all do what jesus was doing.

Blessings DW for you and your family in JESUS almighty name

Old video but still accurate

If a religion is evaluated on matters of meaning, coherence, historicity, quality of philosophy and morality, Islam scores very low.

Tuhan memberkatimu selalu DavidWood :slight_smile:

Very good message.
God is perfection in all accounts.

Thank you for good and useful content God bless you and your family brother :+1:

That would be awesome if You and A.P and Jay Smith all put aside Your difference views to make one large video on pre-early Islam and also explain the Eastern Roman Empire aspect of it too. Because the story early narrative of Islam having Muhammed going into Eastern Roman Empire territory and his hate of the Christians living there. Needs to be explained and explore. Also before the start of Islam, Petra Joran area was under the control of the ERP (Eastern Roman Empire) and the Arabs living there move out and went to Saudi Arabia later on. Many historians believe that when the Arabs of Petra rebels against the eastern Roman Empire that what got Islam started. But if the evidence is there. Please explore those issues and the Aramaic connection.

Hello there David Woods! I’ve been watching some of Your videos for quite some time. I enjoy some of them and they have been educational.

But I also noticed that You and Jay Smith have a different ways of looking at Islam. You go to all the standard Muslim sources which is good. But I also been looking at Islam on my own personal discovery and I have to tell You that most of early Islam was altered and change by the Umayyad caliphate and the ones that came later. Jay Smith and his buddies have this series going on about the Joran and Petra connection. There is evidence to support that the real Mecca could be in Joran and the black stone came from Kufa Iraq. Please David Woods consider putting aside Your different views with Jay Smith and maybe in the future make a large video narrative on Early pre-Islam. I also found evidence that supports that the early pre-Quran could have Aramaic sources and verses. It would be a great opportunity and great experience and educational benefit for everyone and Your buddy A.P can be on board to help You as well explaining early Islam.

only muslim can come out with such bullshit.

Big GOD bless…thank GOD for David wood….GOD use you more powerfully to touch billions for HIS glory​:v::v: