What It Feels Like Listening to a Zakir Naik Lecture

Here’s what it feels like listening to a Zakir Naik lecture.

David The cool CHRISTIAN


Nobody move! I dropped me brain…

I’m not gonna ask what that stick was.

:joy::joy::joy: That was me at a physics class at some point.


Even the rock or wood or whatever that was next to the meerkat appeared sleeping. :rofl::rofl::purple_heart:


Oh dear, Kakir is sooooo boring and sooooo predictable. It is extraordinary that anyone would actually listen to him, other than for pure entertainment. … actually just like Justin Trudeau. It’s just cheap entertainment.

Hilarious! :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Seems accurate… He looks like he got possessed by a jinn

Couldn’t you have found a pig yawning? :joy: poor Niki sounds like he’s going to take off singing “I like a moobit moobit I like a moobit moobit.”

That’s the reason why I don’t even listen to Zakir Naik, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, it’s annoying, the meerkat is Fed up.

Too funny. Glad this one showed up in my recommended list

Brother makes a good point

I have a feeling D. Wood almost never sleeps, he has such a creative mind. This video clip is one of the funniest things ever!

He’s the worst of creatures… Im I mean preachers

My English is not good and I always thought it’s my problem that I don’t realize what this JOKER says, now I see this is everyone’s problem.