What Keeps Me Going?

What keeps me going? Three things.

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All I can say is, “You’re the man!”

Honestly, I think it takes someone who is a certifiable psychopath to operate with the emotional distance/ resilience needed to handle this religion from Hell. God definitely made you for this mission, David! :clap::clap:

I’m an atheist who loves your videos

I love u

One Christian says keep up God’s work David Wood Thanks again

I watch most of your videos, am married to a Muslim, yet am a Christian. I know islam is a false religion , thanks to you and the people who you have featured in your channel since I check their stuff too. Am hoping I can help my wife convert from islam at some point , am trying to grasp all the knowledge and maybe make a compilation of things she believes tO prove her wrong, but HER ATTITUDE … she is not fond of reading yet she has been completely indoctrinated. Am hoping someday it works out. Now about you I believe what keeps you going is your JESUIT discipline and not what you say in this video. And again could Alberto Rivera be correct in his comic book The Prophet ? We both know the truth

X muslims would be encouraged to share the truth like you but who does it better than David wood.

You are the funniest and most informative man on YouTube, God bless you David Wood!

this was an awesome video! David may the lord continue to bless you and give you the strength to keep up the good fight. i have never been intrested in islam and now because of the videos you make i know the facts why. Jesus is lord and every tounge qill confess so all you Muhammad lovers better get right with the real God of this world. praise Jesus and Glory to him Forever and ever!!!:pray::pray::pray::pray::raising_hand_man::raising_hand_man:

my the lord be with you and your family.

What happened to the debate with the apostate prophet?

I’m an atheist…I’m so glad you’re doing this…

I am an Indonesian and Keep Watching your videos…

May you turn into a pig.

Wow… Classy.

Remember David… Not all who say “Lord, Lord…” are real followers. Most of these goons wouldn’t allow Jesus back in their church to preach a 2nd time. You are doing a great work.

I have a question its about a chapter in the bible. Can you explain it to me about the meaning of deuteronomy 21:22-23. I know Jesus is Lord and God but muslims try to use that for that he is not God.

What is the current state of Islam? Is new conversion still on the rise? Peaked? Or on the decline? What about the rise of jihadis? As the internet gives opportunity for Muslims to research for themselves what they’ve been taught, is there a correlating decrease in numbers of believers?

Please don’t stop making these videos Dave and Co.

Bless your Christian heart, David! I pray God continues using you mightily and I look forward to meeting you, my Brother, here, there or in the air.