What Ravi Zacharias and Muhammad Had in Common

Ravi Zacharias and Muhammad were very different. Nevertheless, they shared to important features that most people don’t know about. David Wood discusses the shocking parallels.

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Here’s a short video from Islam Critiqued on the Muslim response to Ravi’s death: What Does the Death of Christians Tell Us About Islam? - YouTube

Yea Ravi’s actually did to😔 yes you reap what you sew…

Wait a second, if a Peaceful lover of peace ate Lamb from is captured women and died, what does this tell us about all other Peaceful followers?

This is not suicide, u silly this is a test of Allah protection for his prophet as he fulfills his mission

David wood you like Paul lying Babait to speed the word of the Lord

So sad allah got to him first.

How about a third similarity. They were both perverted sexual predators, taking advantage of those around them for the own gain.

Shalom My favourite Teacher and Apologetics Dr. David Wood for upholding my faith in Christ since I knew Christ, But am not defending Ravi Zacharias nor attacking but am saying that (God knows whether he did it or not ) Even though he did it ,he might have repented, Next if he did it or not he was a human being just as you and I, all of are challenged everyday in many circumstances ,The Bible say “(2 Corinthians 4:8,We are perplexed too and fro but not overwhelmed”) So if he did it or not it’s upon him with his God, it’s not your business to start judging (luke 6:37) Now let’s assume all the scandalous information are just attributed to him but the Ant-Christs ( People Against Christ) how will you face God when He asks you of what you said on an Innocent Man like Late Ravi Zacharias, My conclusion: (2 Corinthians 11:1,2, Were married to Christ not Ravi not Any Apologists we are looking at Christ the finisher of our Faith (Hebrews 12:2) Please Dr. David Wood Repent because you don’t know if all this is attributed to him or not so it’s better to say that I don’t know but God knows instead of Judging Thanks my dear Brother and friend Dr. DAVID WOOD May Jesus Christ bless you and touch your heart Amen :latin_cross::handshake::microphone:

God Jesus holy spirit1 bless you and your family

Ravi could read :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I am surprised this video was not removed. No one is praising him now. He was a man who hide behind Christianity so he could get away with being a abuser . No one wants to believed that a great man of God would be hiding a sinful lifestyle. So much thar when someone speaks out against him, no one believes it until after he dies and people dare to investigate the clams and discover that it was true.

They have so much more in common now knowing who Ravi really was…

BUT Zacharias abused women?

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this video did not age well?

I don’t know. The more I hear about the instance of how Muhammad attempted to kill himself after receiving the “revelation”, the more I’m distinctly reminded of the Lovecraftian contention regarding one “going mad from the revelation” should they ever come into direct contact with the higher beings of unfathomable nature known as the “Old Ones” and their ilk. Kinda makes you wonder how much that notion actually applied to the entity Muhammad communed with, or, more disturbingly perhaps, how accurately Lovecraft’s notions do indeed describe certain immeasurably powerful and malevolent creatures who surround us, just outside our view.:octopus::flushed:

Jesus saves! Much love Dizzle, praying for you, your wife and your boys

Right, catholicism (by his wife Kadija - a catholic/christian) made him a prophet = invented islam onwards.

You should point down when you refer to “the great god allah”…