What Star Trek Got RIGHT about Jesus

A popular atheist meme claims that there are no Christians on Star Trek “because it’s the future.” But are there really no Christians on Star Trek? David Wood discusses the episode “Bread and Circuses,” where Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Dr. McCoy are captured by twentieth-century Romans, forced to fight in televised gladiator contests, and introduced to a strange, but familiar, religion.

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What’s better, Star Trek or Star Wars?

The Next Generation, Picard gave Data a Bible, so…

Can you give a review and comment on the 2nd season episode “METAMORPHIS”. I think it is a wonderful description, in art form, of YAHWEH’S/YESHUA’S agape love for His people.

twentieth century televised roman gladiatorial combat, don’t worry people are still dumb on that planet

The point about the significance of Uhura’s reaction is worthy of everyone’s attention. It does define the contribution of Christianity.

Great video!

It also reminded me to continue watching the original series.

Thank you and God bless!

Okay I am a hard-core Trek fan…how is it I have NEVER seen this episode!!! :flushed: Interesting that GR was a Humanist and allowed this script to proceed. I wonder if they would even allow that episode on TV now​:thinking:.

the problem with this pseudo mentality(that cristian values = logical value). Is that if they became logical and intelectual honest they will go back to the eugenic frenzy…

#14:50 the problem is the witch trials and public executions that some cristians used as enternement after…

You are actually defending superstition. Insanity.

Wtf . This video was not necessary.

There was also that episode where they went to that planet where those Greek god types were and Captain Kirk told them that there is only one God

“Mankind has no need for gods. We find the One quite adequate.” -James T. Kirk; Who Mourns for Adonais?

Very good video. I have seen almost every Richard Dawkins video ever put out on youtube and feel that you are a little harsh on him. He is a good man that is just angry at God. The perceived injustices of the world can do that. If he could only know God’s love, things would be different.

Didn’t like the Final Frontier though, they find God and he’s a baddie and ends up exploding :roll_eyes:

My response to your pinned comment, David :point_right: “Star Wars is Taoism in American garb” by Thorsten J. Pattberg (China Daily)–it’s certainly not a Christian thing. :red_circle:Both in Star Wars and in Taoism, the practitioners can use telekinesis and extend their lifespan considerably through self-cultivation and mediation (shen-xiu). The Jedi in Star Wars as well as the daojun in Taoism practice wu-wei - effortless action (sometimes translated as non-action). The hierarchy of practitioners in Taoism is this: First we have the superior gentleman (junzi), then the Taoist gentlemen (daojun) and at the top Taoist sages (shengren).:red_circle: || From Got Questions: •Telepathy (the ability to read another’s thoughts) and telekinesis (the ability to move an object with one’s mind) are stalwart tools in the realm of superheroes. From Star Wars to the X-Men, mental powers seem to be ubiquitous. But what does the Bible say about such “super powers”? … God made humans to interact in specific ways, ways that foster community and glorify Him. Some people may be blessed with a keen insight, but that doesn’t mean they have telepathy. The prophets of old were given the ability to ask God to act on their behalf in miraculous ways, but they didn’t have powers of psycho-kinesis. We are to look to the Holy Spirit for our strength. Trying to read another’s thoughts, move objects around a room, or create an energy ball takes time and effort away from the business of loving God and loving others and opens a dangerous door into the world of the occult.•

Seems the only thing that gave the go ahead for this religious script writing was that irresistible homophone -sun and son…

What’s really going to bake your noodle: is sun and Son in the English language pure coincidence?

Beyonce at 2:21

I hate to tell this atheist that I’ve read the “Good Book” and we win in the end. And the atheist hopefully realizes that the end IS the future. LOL