What the London Bridge Terrorist Should Have Learned about Islam While in Prison (David Wood)

London Bridge terrorist Usman Khan was arrested on terrorism charges in 2010. After serving eight years in prison, he was released on parole. On November 29, 2019, the convicted terrorist went on a stabbing spree. The London Bridge terror attack ended with Khan and two others dead.

What should Khan have learned about Islam, Muhammad, the Quran, and jihad while he was in prison? What could the British Government do to rehabilitate Muslims who turn to terrorism? David Wood discusses the issue.

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To truly understand jihad, watch this classic (then watch it again!): - YouTube

London is harboring terrorists.

They’re soft on prisoners there like in Canada. They think evil people can be rehabilitated. These types don’t change no matter how nice you are to them. :roll_eyes:

Hope someone from Indian government listening this analysis.

I love this guy

You nailed it Mr. David, excellent

I actually feel pity for the man :worried:. Imagine thinking you’re about to go to paradise with 72 virgins when you wake up in hell and realize you fell victim to the most obvious false prophet in history and have to live with that in hell for all eternity and with the never ending regret of killing innocent people. Horrible :fire::hot_face:

Jihadists are promised to have 72 black eye virgins to be fuck and sodomised in islamic heaven…thats very fucking erotic and freak !!!

I love this version of London bridge song

Well said, the world needs courage … and a whole lot of integrity

Pliss stop bullying islam

Only Sir David can keep me laughing all through a video on this horrible topic.

Deluded, out of touch and senseless do not even begin to describe these Qathemites…
Right now, Khan is as dead as a doornail awaiting everlasting judgement… no virgins-paradise whose bones you can see through their skins. And the Qathemites who convinced him to perform such a stupid act are likely alive, trying to send some more deluded Qathemites to their death, all based on a pack of lies.

Thanks David

Atheist from Turkey! :tr:

David Wood…new tee shirt…”Be the courage!”

Things have changed in Britain. Back in the day, they would lock up Irish people for life, whither they were guilty or not.

David, it was brilliant, i watched it again.

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