When Muhammad Dreamed about Black Women

The Prophet Muhammad, according to Islam, had the gift of interpreting dreams. However, when Muhammad dreamed about black women, he interpreted these dreams as ominous warnings about outbreaks of various diseases. What does this tell us about Muhammad’s view of black people? David Wood of Acts 17 Apologetics discusses the issue.

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Keep making this kind of video


Islam is evil in all respects, their Prophet, Quran and Allah (the devil) all are evil.

Niqqa had fetishes

I wonder if this was actually after his followers drank dead donkey carcass water

We are so lucky we have David,God bless you

Well , thank you for this , apparently racism is rampant everywhere

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If Cassius clay knew this he would have remained Cassius Clay.

Mohamed was a con man , a total fraud and a phony . Also a very good liar .

I wonder how many people died in Jufah (after the “transfer” of the virus)

Alright who had the dream about a black woman before Covid and didn’t pray it away?

Lol crazy…Thanks for exposing this David :pray:t4:

Agrh, Moreharammad and his racism. I will pee on kaaba and black stone before I destroy kaaba.

Yours Truly,
Prince of Nubia.

Actually Islam has many black followers and forbids racism (Please see the Farewell Sermon of the Prophet pbuh those interested). We are told dreams have their own nature and symbols and they are often paradoxical, strange, confusing and have unexpected meanings. Additionally there may have been more black people sick in those times due to plague, the woman may not have been black as in dark skinned but black as in coal black- warning-scary-dangerous. Black could mean the plague will eventually disappear and unkempt dangerous people will get sick. I am guessing based on magazines ive read about dreams - I dont know - but no one thought the Prophet pbuh racist till you brought up this unusual possibility and interpretation (even though racism was discussed in his time see above) so it clearly has a different meaning

Ethiopian here… :joy: absolutely cracks me and my friends up

My girlfriend is Black and I dreamt about her then covid came out of a Chinese lab
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Muhammad was right !!!

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what do you expect…this is the same guy that prayed to a GOD that in its own religion contradicts itself very much. from deception to…deception.