Where Is Allah? Muslim Scholars Answer!

Is Allah above his throne? Is he on his throne? Is he in the heavens? Is he everywhere? Was he ever alone? Are these questions important? In this compilation by Anthony Rogers, Muslim scholars answer these questions and many others, while clarifying the meaning of the Quran.

If “allah” is everywhere, he is also in “hell”… Also… Why did he make himself a seat to then not seat on said seat?..

If they say there’s no God but Allah… indeed God Is not Allah but Satan himself…
Because God is not a God of confusion

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Thank God, He is coming back soon. As soon as the NWO is established and after 7 years the Lord Jesus Is coming back.

Allah is up in the heavens. You can see him almost every night. Allah is the MOON.

Perhaps all the Muslim clerics shown in this video are non-Arab.

how can I believe… the things I don’t understand…

God is spirit, but Allah is not spirit. He is created, he in fact created himself out of horses’ sweat!

Maybe Allah’s throne is older than Allah himself? Maybe his throne is eternal and uncreated and worthy of praise?

Can Allah ever enjoy his throne? We know that he descends early every morning to the third heaven to better hear the prayers of the believers. As the earth is round that means that Allah is constantly orbiting the earth in low orbit and never goes to the seventh heaven where his throne is. What a waste…

There are different views on this. The salafi, and the ashari have different views. Stop misinterpreting islam.
Look at Christianity, how many books in the Bible? Ask your 40000 denominations. Ask if Jesus is God to the monotarians.

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“Whoever does not guard against denying [God’s attributes] and against anthropomorphism has erred and failed to acquire understanding of divine transcendence. For undoubtedly, our Lord, the Sublime and Exalted, is described with the attributes of unity and uniqueness. No one in creation is in any way like Him. He is transcendent beyond limits, ends, supports, components, or instruments. The six directions do not contain Him as they do created things.” (al-Aqida at-Tahawiyya)

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According to Christian,God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient