Which Star Wars Character Was Muhammad?

I just took the “Which Star Wars Character Are You?” quiz, but I gave the answers Muhammad would have given. Watch the video to find out which Star Wars character Muhammad resembled most.

I think Palpadine shares a lot of common characteristics with Mohd. They both try to decieve others over to the dark side.

Well,in the past he would have easily been the “Darth Vader” character for sure and the doomsday theme jingle/music for Darth Vader would go perfectly with it too!!!..

Yabba the hut!

I love how the music goes on in the background as David satirically roasts Muhammad.

I’m not sure, which one was a suicidal pedaphile who took his sons wife?

Jaba the hut


Good fit, promotion was fast in Vader’s command due to him throttling officials that displeased him.

Sand people?

i do not why.whenever i hear the name mohammad.i feel peppers rubbing on my skin.

Jar jar Binks.


I resent the comparison

8:54 I think Muhammad would have chosen Mind blowing wisdom, or relevant facts, rather than intimidation, - although he didn’t have mind blowing wisdom or any facts at all.

Darth Vader (peace be upon him)

Before watching i know it has to be Jaba the Hut

Really what kind of stupidness is this? Star wars has nothing to do with which prophet is who.

How dare you disrespect Darth Vader like that?!

so basically every answer is the worst one for a human being can be. that’s sad. even for a fictional universe