Whitewashing Islam: Qasim Rashid on Women in the Quran

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The Independent recently published an article titled, “How the Teachings of Islam Could Help Us Prevent More Sexual Abuse Scandals,” by Qasim Rashid (an apologist for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community). Rashid argues that the Qur’an and the teachings of Muhammad would be a tremendous benefit to women in the West. In this video, David Wood goes through Rashid’s claims, point by point, to see if he’s telling the truth. The topics discussed include the creation of women according to the Quran, the inheritance of wives, beating women, the importance of wearing the hijab (or burqa or niqab), the value of a woman’s testimony, the intellectual capacity of women, and Muhammad’s comments about the ideal woman.

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Without lies Islam dies

I know this is 4 years old but hopefully you will reply… can you tell me where to find that same copy of the Quran you are using…

A husband that supports you doesn’t have to beat you, he can cut you off, partially or totally, and it’s worse than being tapped lightly, but what woman in her right mind would ruin such a beautiful relationship, where her husband protects her and provides for her, and she doesn’t have any other care than counting her blessings?!

Muslim religion is cursed for human beings of the world.

Thanks. I hearing this I left islam

the Quran verse means something else and the rest is nonsense. Please read the wikipedia article on the quoted verse. It means in a society where etiquette and god consciousness are taken seriously uncharacteristically rude behaviour has a sequence of corrective actions taken in response to avoid divorce. First verbal means, then not sleeping with the spouse, finally, a tap. It would be symbolic of being disconcerted and religiously concerned by bad manners. Not allowed to hit the face, leave bruises or marks or anything of that nature that would constitute violence.

O you who believe! You are forbidden
to inherit women against their will.
Nor should you treat them with harshness,
that you may take away part of the dowry
you have given them - except when
they have become guilty of open lewdness.
On the contrary live with them
on a footing of kindness and equity.
If you take a dislike to them,
it may be that you dislike something
and Allah will bring about through it
a great deal of good. (4:19

I wonder how you understood them so well while even the people within communities fail miserably

This simply reminds us that nearly everything Muslims say is about deliberately or dishonestly contradicting the Scriptures by taking a lying swipe at it, and will contradict Islam to do so. The speech is constantly offensive and persecution.

So many men ,dirty men love a political force that allows them to be dirty but to be then given a blessing for being a dirty man as if they are someone that gets points for taking a slave or making a woman a slave .

Thanks, David.

allah & muhammad sound like modern day incels due to their view of women

There is no frkn equality in Islam between men and women .

Women are second to men , that coming from mind of a nomad in primitive Arabia. , or from their fathers Abraham and Ishmael… that explains the bigotry and misogynistic attitude of Abrahamic religions .

All these and many more “ ideas “ are “ borrowed from Jewish scripture and Jewish books borrowed them from whatever source they could find .

So all nonsense .

Hitler knows his childhood, his school life, his family and friends much better than me. Because I have born in 1983. So, if Hitler or any of his friends or family writes a book about Hitler, that is alright. If I write a book about Hitler, that means either I have copied from first hand sources or I am just talking nonsense. In the same way if the disciples of Jesus write something about Jesus, that is alright. But if Muhammad or somebody writes anything about Jesus 600 - 800 years later, that means either it is a copy from the disciples of Jesus or Quran is a stupid nonsense book. And Quran 4:157 and 158 say that Jesus was not crucified. So, Quran is nonsense stupid book. So, WHATEVER ELSE Quran says is also wrong. So, good bye Quran.

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I thought there was only one version of the qoran

Mom apologize talking about Islam in and see problems with his well why is it only you and now thank God it’s the brown

Why don’t we have more apologist talking about his long

Their is so much deception in Islam that they are doing a good job on deceiving the world