Who Is the True God? Anthony Rogers vs. Adamu Bakari Debate (Christian vs. Muslim)

Anthony Rogers and Adamu Bakari debate the topic “Who is the true God: the Yahweh of the Bible or the Allah of the Quran?” David Wood moderates.


Adamu is not in the debate


Very confused Adamu

Where does Allah say “Inshaallah” in the Quran? The only instance I can find is where Abraham takes Ishmael (supposedly) to sacrifice him, and it is Ishmael who says that.

Adamu spends the entire debate asking Anthony where allahs missing books are :laughing:

Anthony Rodgers steamrolled this guy from the opening statement.

Looks like there is a never stopping abdools’factory.

Waiting for coffee to fly out Anthony Rogers nose :joy: David is stone faced… He’s gifted :joy:

God bless, Anthony Rogers;The only one I could understand the entire debate!!

Anthony… kudos, brother. I couldn’t sit and listen to that rambling insanity for so long without laughing out of sheer frustration and disbelief in the stupidity I was hearing.

Seriously. Who put this clown, Adamu to debate. He’s a joke and not doing Islam a favor. Quran is the book for humanity? Give me a break! Adamu, much lime Islam , is a joke…

No true debate on the Muslim’s part.

How embarrassing for alah

David, can you do the Debates more like how CP does it so that it can move to to an end. Thanks.

let’s have same debate with you and see bro if i am like adamu bakari.

to all chat replays stop critisizing islam learn islam from authentic sources not from people like shamoun,david wood and others.

@Acts17Apologetics Sir David Wood I think a lot of you , in a very good way Next time tho : please vet ur debaters a lot more The African guy was extremely low iq and had no logic at all ; very very poor

As a Muslim both debaters attacked each other .

Check my response on zainab and the prophet.