Who Was Muhammad? (Answering Islam Part 2)

Muhammad is one of the most influential figures in history. But how much do you know about him?

This is the second video of our “Answering Islam” series, where David answers the question: “Who was Muhammad?”

Get the full text of this video here: Answering Muslims: Answering Islam 2: Who Was Muhammad?

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For those of you who like the new format, DON’T GET USED TO IT! This is only for a 50-part “Answering Islam” series. We’ve recorded 26 episodes so far (but editing takes longer than recording). When we finish recording the rest, I’m having them translated and re-recorded in Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, and Amharic. After that, YOU’LL NEVER SEE ME LOOKING LIKE A BANK MANAGER AGAIN!

Muhammad had multiple wives XD

Mohammed was
-a warlord.

  • a slave traders
  • a bloody monster

Hey hey David speak truth don’t coat wrong information.

Some of part of video is correct but last part of video is wrong.if you want to tell somebody truth firstly you should need to taught how to speak truth

That’s according to Islamic tradition… There are so many questions to ask "Was there such a person as Mohammed? If yes, who was he…?

sir. good day, i was interested recently in answering my muslim friend’s question, though im studying apologetics to atheist already.

can you please give me those sources that you are referring to Muslim Records?

thank you

Muhammad is mentioned in the bible why you don’t believe in him

The idea of being prophet originally came from his first wife khadiga & she got him her cousin which was a nastourian monk who wrote the quran for him, when that guy died revelations stopped for 3 consequent years, this happened after she found him terrible terrfied from a creature he saw, she convinced him that this is an angel after she did a test by uncovering her hair & her vagina & asking him if the creature disappeared or not.

You didn’t mention that his mother was pregnant with him for four years & that’s a sign of his prophecy as his Muslim claim.

God bless you Dr David wood, you are an inspiration, thank you for all your hard work❤

When are you to be live/online?

I realized Muslims don’t even know their “prophet”. How can you follow a man like that and from his actions still believe he is a prophet and came from God.

Simply a paedophile or a Johnny sins of 600’s

almost one year spent as an ex muslim :slight_smile: . i am soo happy now . thank u :slight_smile:

I have never seen a liar like you…

Mob? No wonder lots of muslims love to mob

His crimes have already reached God’s throne. Innocent blood and all kinds of suffering won’t go unpunished. I don’t want to be where he is now.

what is mean jesus is son of allah