Why All Mass Violence Is Now Islamic Terror

We’re all familiar with Islamic terrorist attacks, but what if all mass violence is now being used to propagate Islam?

Of the recent mass violence in Las Vegas, New York City, and Sutherland Springs, only the New York attack was carried out in the name of Allah. Nevertheless, the Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs shootings are also being used by Islamists such as Qasim Rashid and Craig Considine to silence critics of Islam, Jihad, and Sharia. If all mass killings are being used by Islamists, then all mass killings are now, in a significant sense, Islamic. In this video, David Wood discusses the issue.

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I would argue that rats like Consadine and Quasim are much much worse than the first order terrorists because they don’t only know what they’re doing but they actually mislead people and contribute to making more of these attacks happen.

Irrefutable argument

David looks nice in black :ok_hand::blush:

These professors are lunatics with twisted views of the world

I predict that this video will be an irrefutable argument.
Edit: My prediction was correct!

Me: Says the truth
Muslims: But its Ramadan!!

I am expecting a curveball.

I say both while also eyebrow raised

I AM OVERWHELMED WITH LOGIC. :raised_hands: Bravo, David!

islamophobia is like saying deathbythoughtcrimephobia or BEINGSHOTTODEATHphobia

If according to dr Craig considine the term terrorism is only deployed when Muslims commit violence why were the IRA and ETA known as terrorists?

mix of the two

I knew you’d make a good case, but I’m convinced of your position.

21:44 Serves him right for killing people to further an agenda against an ideology that he “hates” yet people from that ideology are using his attack exactly against him!
What a joke if you think about it :roll_eyes:
He underestimated his opponent so much…
And then the vipers of the 2nd order kind :unamused: too cowardly to do anything or put themselves in danger but relish in using those to their own profit! Especially considering the amount of money that goes to those people for making such statements.
The Islamic 1st order terrorists are the most pathetic. Used by everyone, filled with poison and hatred. That doesn’t seem like it can ever disappear. They live in great countries yet this is the bestuse they have for their advantage :woman_facepalming: why are people like those living in 1st world countries while my family and I have to struggle through the crap of Algeria?

Islam is false.
Some Muslims are sincere. But as we all know, you can be sincerely wrong!
May God lead Muslims to the Way, Truth and Life, our Lord Jesus Christ!
May God deliver us all.

Not all David but maybe some
It’s Jihad
The Prophet himself outlined the benefits of offensive Jihad

I don’t believe!

I predict it’s going to be airtight

Because Mohammed was one of the worse violent men on the face of the planet. Indeed many dubbed him as the father of terror. How could today’s muslim reconcile the fact that when Mohammed faild miserably to harmonize between his wife and his cousin ali and that feud led to the battle of the camel where thousands died.