Why ALL Scientific Arguments for the Quran FAIL

Muslim apologists claim that the Quran contains miraculous scientific knowledge, and they quote verses of the Quran that are supposedly being confirmed by scientists today. Are they right? David Wood takes a closer look at the Quran and presents three reasons to reject the argument from scientific accuracy.

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I agree with you David… Q51:47 has nothing to do with this notion that an idol called Allah is constantly expanding the universe! Which a wishful thinking…

Rather, the Arabic word used here is not موسِّعُن “Muwassi’oun” which means “we expand”! The word used in the verse is موسِعُون “Musi’oun” which means “we have power or ability”…

The same root word وسع “wasi’a” was used in Q2:255 in describing the vastness of Allah’s throne which can encompasses the heavens and the earth… unless a Muslim wants to believe that the throne of Allah keeps on expanding!

This root word is also used in Q2:286 (وسعها wus’aha) in speaking of the ability of what a soul can handle!

Finally, as David stated accurately, that both, the English translators and interpreters of Q51:47 never viewed the verb as an indicative of Allah “enlarging or expanding” the universe!

Once again, our Muslim friends make another wishful thinking attempt to rescue their idol; allah, yet to no avail…

~ Al Fadi

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“اسناده ضعيف” I would like the Christian Arabs to translate this for mr. :wood:

How dubious is the reinterpretation call. Why is reinterpretation required for a statement is clear? If so many dubious statements require reinterpretation (a mechanism for deception) then the author (Allah) is so dumb and so is his prophet and followers.

Islam! What a religion.

The miracle is in the fact that Muslims consistently re imagine ,reinterpret the words of the quran to sound scientific

Wow…Algezeera News.:“over 16,000 Muslims leaving Islam PER DAY”… :flushed: that’s almost 6 million every year…what is causing this?

all scientific Marvel’s are from Greek and Egyptians(4200 BC) times for example 365 days , relative angle of sun and moon, spherical earth are discoveries of Greeks and Romans… Medicine and Anatomy , maths physics are the times Aristotle, Herophilus, and Ptolemy not to forget Phythogorus( 570 BC) modern physicist were 1000 years before Md. q claims science and god stories from Bible…and other pagans…
Md and his followers just plagiarised all…during the great trade of the West and Europe…we simply don’t have archeological evidence of God, except for the Jurassic era millions of years ago…and that’s the fate of humanity living today…live by faith live for good…any one you like…but not satanic md of q…if you fallow this incest you’ll be jailed…

Bible say everything whatever happens nowadays. But Qur’an is copied and corrupted!! - even Qur’an give more important to Jesus but they don’t give importance to Jesus, they kept Mohammad name more important even in thier name, Mohammad who is not mentioned as alive or holy or prophet or final day judge or word of God or spirit of God, nothing. He died by suicide!! No logic or no points

But I can give you my god lord father Jesus holy spirit - Praise to lord God Jesus Christ, Jesus is God - even Qur’an says jesus is Alive, a holy person, Messiah, final day judge, spirit of God, word of God.

Jesus is God Lord — Follow Jesus words not Human words.

The message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved from sin and error, Christ crucified is the power of God and His Wisdom. 1 Corinthians 1:18

Jesus is God Says Bible and Qur’an.

•Who is “the first and last”? - surah 57-3 -Revelation 1:17

•Who Forgiving sins? - Surah 3 :135 - Mark 2:5

•Who is Final judge ?- surah 22:56 - Mathew 25: 31,32

•Who is the truth? - surah-22:6 - John 14: 6

•Who Raise the death - surah-22:7 - John 5: 25,29-25

•Does God share his glory? - surah- 57: 1 - John 17:5

•To whom we fast? - surah- 2: 183O - Mathews 9:18

"You call me Teacher' and Lord,’ and rightly so, for that is what I am.- John 13:13.
Psalm 100:3 - Know that the Lord Himself is God;It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves;We are His people and the sheep of His pasture, Jesus Christ is the only one way to heaven. Jesus says I’m the truth way and life. Take physical and spiritual baptism, AMEN.

Hey Dave maybe you or one of these Super Smart Christian’s can explain the scientific meaning of the word BEGOTTEN for the class?..:thinking::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Anyway, there are many American and European scientists who embraced islam. if you do not want to become muslim then it is your problem. you can see the video of American mathematicial …Lang, yousef estis.
if you do not become muslim, we wii not be sad.
i am not watching your videos anymore because you are full of hatred.

When the quran uses we, it simply implies a plural. Yet Muslims claims allah monolithic.

It’s obvious that the quranic verse of expansion in referring to the stratosphere and not the universe.

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Did Allah also create sexadecimal?

Edwin Hubbell wasn’t even the first person to know the universe expands. I’ve seen letters from medieval friars who were discussing accurate observations about the order and motion of astronomical bodies and offering logical arguments as to things like the earth being round.

Good Go and save your brother and sister from converting as Islam is the fastest growing religion. I believe they do have brain and logic.

Islam is false!

Even if the Quran said that, the Bible said it long before it

The more I listen to you the more i realize that Islam is true. Allahu Akbar. God is great.

Wait it allah is saying “we” is allah a triune God