Why Allah Couldn't Protect ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi from a Dog in Syrian Raid (David Wood)

Followers of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi were convinced that he was their new Caliph, and that the restored Islamic Caliphate would eventually dominate the world. When Delta Force commandos stormed al-Baghdadi’s compound in a night raid in Syria, forcing the Islamic State leader to flee into a tunnel, citizens of the Caliphate would have expected Allah to protect him. Nevertheless, al-Baghdadi died after detonating his suicide vest, killing three children in the process. Why didn’t Allah protect al-Baghdadi? According to Islam, Allah couldn’t protect him, because there was a dog (named “Conan”) in the tunnel. Allah and his angels are helpless against dogs. David Wood discusses the issue.

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Probably - looking at recent tradition - the ‘Angels’ ran away, just like all those tens of thousands of young men ran away in 2015 and flocked where the thieving, raping and murdering would be good, i.e the Merkel run Germany and Macron run France who couldn’t wait to stick their tongues up Islamic arse. Or perhaps they were swanning about on winged horses or having a swim in the lake the Sun sets in? Who can tell with these bearded, retarded savages who fart through their mouths.

ISIS soldiers being killed by muslim or non muslim soldiers doesnt mean anything.
Islam doesnt have anything against dogs but there was no concept of a pet dog back then and dogs/packs of dogs could be dangerous/health risk.

LOL you are the best at connecting the dot, some of the “blessing” that muslims couldn’t granted by their god.

You gotta love Delta Force !!! Great work Conan !!!

Because he wasn’t leader at all :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hahaha, that was funny (in a good way), thank you!

Why didn’t god send angles to save Jesus?

Conan El matamoros

Conan the Bark-barian defeated Allah’s angels and left Baghdadi defenceless. Sounds to me that muslims would be far better worshipping dogs as they’re more powerful than Big Al. And a dog always comes when it’s called. No more need for jihad when a good walk will do instead.

Burn in THE HELL I.S Bastert

Wasn’t it embarassing to find out the leader blew out himself bcos of chasing by a dog without struggling? :grinning::joy::joy:

What a nonsense religion, may God heal them and free them from Satan to see the light and love of our lord Jesus Christ. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL

Very funny!

Islam fails again…Checkmate, Allah :rofl::rofl::rofl::+1:

dogs are forbidden in islam …cuz allah is scared of dogs.

sad … thousands of angels of allah are no match to a single dog.

cuz Allah is scared of dogs

Handsome “Dog”… <3 <3 All Love to you…