Why Are There So Many Different Qurans? (LIVE 4:00pm ET)

David Wood and Hatun Tash will be LIVE at 4:00pm (Eastern Time), discussing Shabir Ally’s recent attempts to explain why there are so many different versions of the Quran.

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A great Team!

Hatun Tash is a Legend! The Lioness of Speakers Corner! The demons flee from her squealing and screaming! As they run and hide under mommy’s skirt lol ( all true! )

I’m not sure that Christians should be printing and distributing Korans.

I’m worried that the devil will wage war against the truth and do something bad to us for exposing years of the lies

If the Quran were a great and powerful beast then it would have 7 heads or even 10 ‘edges’ like a multy bladed fan.

What if you had 10 people all reading their different Quran and when the words are in disagreement then first they all sing the similar verse together in harmony but then they have the singular person sing their Quran difference in a solo. And if necessary have each differences singing one at s time.

So the Quran is a choose your own adventure book?

Come on Hatun, there are bigger coffee mugs than that, you must do better.

I :heart: Hatun :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Even if it was perfectly preserved, this makes absolutely no difference to whether what it claims is true. Islam is a joke of a religion and its absurd beliefs and theology show it to be so.

Please try to be a bit more succinct David!!
Your guest is sitting there waiting to talk and we are keen to hear them.

51:05 I’m pretty sure an Irishman or Ulsterman would say “What’s the crack?”

Hatun tash wrote qurans? Wait, "write a surah like it "come to mind?!!

لا شكرا . لا أريد أن أعبد الخياط أو أؤمن في الإله الأسطوري الذي يكره النساء والكلب الأسود والبومة والحمار والأشخاص ذوي البشرة السوداء , قتل الأطفال والسماح للشيوخ وللرجال الكبار الأغبياء المتوحشين القذرين بالزواج مع الأطفال … الخ … تصور أصحاب محمد قتلو ا بعضهم البعض وسمو بعضهم البعض!!! ويريدون منا أن نأخذ هؤلاء المجرمين, لصوص الصحراء ، القتلة مثالاً حسناً في حياتنا !!! لا أريد أن يكونمجرم , قاتل مثال جيد في حياتي و نحن في عام 2022
عصر التكنولوجيا والسيارات الطائرة والإنترنت
jesus christ is the only way to love and salvation

How is it oral stories will not change? If the Koran was passed on orally through generations for over two hundred years, how possible is it to be preserved?

Uh no.
The difference between Irish and American English is not accent or pronunciation, it is that often the same word word have different .meaning.

Tick rock ready to rock!!!

An organized religion with no organization till centuries after it was originally invented.

She is so courageous and so clever! God bless her!