Why Did Muhammad Wear Women's Clothing?

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According to Islam’s most trusted historical sources, Muhammad used to dress up in his wives’ clothing. Indeed, Muhammad even received revelations while dressed in his child bride Aisha’s garments, making him the world’s first and only cross-dressing prophet. Can this really be God’s last messenger? Can we trust the Qur’an when parts of it came to Muhammad when he was cross-dressing?

This statement about " Revelation while Mohammed is in Aisha clothes " is this written in Quran or other book ? Please help to give it to many Muslims who are in contact with me

the word translated “garment” means a blanket or sheet. nothing gender specific.

Why is islam the worlds fastest growing religion ? Read the Koran to know why !!!

Muslims in my area wear dresses

Femboy Muhammad

Now Ik where gay men fashion originated from

if u r really obsessed with showing people the truth, u could study Arabic.
“lih’af” means in the context “a sheet” which makes bed a better translation to save the context and Allah knows best

Mohamed so disgusting…makes me want to puke…and by the way I read the Quran and Hadith…

It’s so insulting to compare Jesus to Mohammed…they not even fron the same planet,the same breath,the same level…Sorry Jesus in your humanity.

1:12 that moment when u expect him to say allah but he says jesus

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No 50 year old man should marry any one under say, 40, let alone a 9 year old.

Even if Ayse was 18 years old, it is wrong.

A prophet should know better.



We worry about

Quran is just full of sex, assaults, bloodshed and violence

Islam and Quran are a total embarrassment.

I pity Aisha and how she could’ve felt when a grandfather like figure consummated her when she was just nine. I feel like banging my head and crying for her. Never should any girl child on the whole earth have such misfortune. The baby should have been molested being his wife, and undergone mental torture seeing an old man tying to do what was not suppose to know at that age. From her sixth year he had her in his sex hit list

You are Fool

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