Why George Orwell Wrote 1984

“Nineteen Eighty-Four” was published in 1949. But five years earlier, George Orwell wrote a letter explaining why he would eventually write 1984. Since Orwell’s thoughts on totalitarianism, mass censorship, mass surveillance, and leader worship are more relevant now than ever, let’s read his letter.

For more on Orwell, be sure to watch “Orwell’s Review of Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’: A Lesson for Today”: - YouTube

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How Big Tech became “Big Brother”: - YouTube

3:36 is Trump and Putin. I will never ever vote Trump!

Speaking of the instructional manual, as mentioned as one of the comments below, I wonder if there is any connection between the book 1984 and the Chinese Culture Revolution, launched in 1966? It sounds so familiar like, calling everybody comrade, big brother picture on the wall, red handkerchief, obligatory morning exercise…and so on.

Great video :ok_hand:

ad hominem tu quoque on some subjects but ok.

It’s unfortunate that you preach what you don’t follow. You don’t have any robust standards of truth upon which you accept Christianity and you criticize Islam with the very same kinds of things that you find in your own religion. So not only are you not critical of yourself when it comes to objectivity, but you have cognitive dissonance and betray your own followers as the hypocrite you are.:poop:

Well George, You called it.

I just seen the 1984 Film Rendition of this Movie. I’m watching Animal Farm next.

Could you please activate the closed captions? Thank you🤗

Mr. Wood, I know you seem to focus mostly on Christianity vs. Islam (and rightfully so), but have you ever done–or do you plan to do–a video (or multiple) on the Great Reset and the things it encompasses? I’m new to your channel, so I’ll admit I don’t know your exact views on everything, but you seem very articulate. I would love to hear your perspective on it, since I think a lot of what is going on is related to it in some way or another.


EXCELLENT :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

2+2=3, you hateful bigots!

People saying they’re persecuted in a country where in 2021 there is still no Congress member that ever openly stated being atheist. A little bit strange, also considering how you say to others to “be men”…
You’re all mad there, and really too well treated to realize

Both sides are not looking at the same evidence. That’s what I used to believe. Now I know one side is consistently ignorant.
Both sides is what we all think by default if we don’t understand politics at a deep enough level to be informed on enough to be certain.
The left is wrong on every single issue.

Everyone in this comment section is delusional, bringing the election into it, they bring religion to it as if governments don’t adhere to religion either, it’s just mindless word saying without meaning. It’s literally doublespeak what’s happening in the comments, they believe they’re being oppressed yet freely act on their own accord, they say the election was stolen yet they freely participate in it in a fair and managed way. They act like they’re fair yet they look for and blame scapegoats and use “Orwellian” or “2+2=5” and don’t understand them

Why he wrote it?
Because he was part of the elite. Predictive programming.

1984+a brave New world= the world in 2025

I guess Loki was right! Nuff Said!