Why Islam Can't Handle Criticism: LIVE with Tony Costa (8:00pm ET)

David Wood and Tony Costa will be LIVE at 8:00pm (Eastern Time), discussing Islam’s inability to handle criticism.

For more info on Tony’s course: The Necessity of Scripture in the Christian Life - YouTube

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You’re being kinda rude to all the muslim people (followers of islam), its their choice and its not for you to judge,

When lies are questioned their arguments fall apart

I’m so glad you two men say there need to be more women apologists! For the longest time, Christians in my area say women can’t be ministers or apologists, and I allowed that to hold me back! I’ve been studying the Bible, Quran, and other books on my own and watching you (David Wood) for many years, and I feel led in the Spirit to be an apologist, especially to Islamic people, as well as minister to people. David, you have been an inspiration to me for a little over four years, and I’ve recently learned about Hatun and she truly is a GOAT woman apologist and a great inspiration to me as well, especially as a woman. Thanks for another great video, and may God bless you and your family and keep you all safe!!!

If I was an alien that had just discovered Earth and I saw this video, I would think that Earth had a very limited gene pool

allah = baal

They cannot accept because they are no different from a gangsters… well actually being a gangster is much more sensible than being with Mo’s gang.

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Allahu akbar… Ya nabi ya ali…

Allahu akbar

Now, I realised that majority of the Muslims are actually Islamophobic.

It happens in indonesia… in a christian , but not only christian for the other religion also forbidden to critics anything about islam, but islam can critic anything about others religion

:six_pointed_star:Old Testament​:six_pointed_star:



:sparkling_heart:Song of Songs​:sparkling_heart:



:latin_cross:New Testament​:latin_cross:






:green_heart:Revelation :green_heart:


Arabs used to rule the world until the closing of the mind infected their people in Islam. Same thing can be said about Europe and the advent of christianity.

I slam Islam down :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I slam and I slam LOL

Tony, the LEGEND!

In my HK Qu’ran the index does not have a heading for “submit…” . Under “Obedience” the following are not cited 4:65, 9:61, 33:36.
Even the index it seems has been arranged, compiled & edited for the “benefit” of the ignorant.

you should be ashamed of your self