Why Joe Biden Wants to Teach Your Kids Islam

Joe Biden says that children should be taught about Islam in public schools. But who’s going to decide what kids are taught about Islam? And why does Joe Biden suddenly care about this? David Wood discusses the issue.

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This is not correct … what you talked about Muhammed and Islam are wrong information and you descriped the islam in your own openion as aggresive relgious while it is not that … The Quran and Muhammed hadeeth is explain the past and the current and the future … it is you chance to join islam because after your die … your posts will be witneees aginst you to go hill … there is good time to join islam earlier becz you know Islam is the correct relgious and help you to correct your life style and give value for man and women and even animals

great example of islamophopia when you start to tell lies…

David no joke I press like and nothing happens

Biden is nothing but another Obama administration puppet that’s why he is a huge pedophile little girls lover. They hate Christianity but love Antichrist Islam what a joke.

Biden go home!

THANKS A LOT MR. BIDEN​:clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Crazy old man.

Why should Christendom (collective cultural and national identity known as The West)…with Christianity being the religious and spiritual beliefs of Christendom since it’s founding (and not Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Communism)…teach anything but Christian principles, practices and precepts as part of our Christendom public school education???

Do Islamic nations encourage or persecute Christians, Buddhists, Communists? Do Communist countries educate their citizens in Christianity, Hinduism and Islam? No. They persecute them all.

Does Christendom today persecute immigrants who aren’t Christian? No. Are there individual idiots among us who would harm non Christians or 'foreigners? Sure…there are always idiots in every peoples, cultures, tribes and nations… Christendom isn’t exempt from idiots, we have our fair share. BUT our collective culture as a whole and our legal system protects the innocent no matter race, ethnicity, culture or religion. Most other cultures, the minorities fare far worse in those non Christian countries than they do in Christendom, and this is why they risk their lives to get into Christendom’s nations…and rarely the other way round.

Any Christendom citizen from Teacher to National Leader (once worthy and respectable employment), who would dilute and jeopardize our national culture and identity with Eastern Pagan religious or humanist beliefs in our own public schools, is treasonous and must be replaced. It’s one thing as a private citizen to express one’s personal non-Christian religious or Humanist & Atheist beliefs without fear of reprisal…it’s completely immoral, unethical and even illegal to do so in a public office in the nations of Christendom. Even Christendom needs to be careful to not impose too much Christianity in the public forum, certainly not if we say we welcome foreign immigrants, but, Christianity IS (was?) the religion of Christendom and must have a place of honor even in our public forums. But not Islam, Hinduism, Communism. Frankly, they all should be down on their knees grateful that Christendom today does not slaughter infidels nor kill those who try to leave some of these non Christian cultures and nations.

Please stand up for Christianity (in spite of imperfect Christians) or we’ll soon be replaced by Communism or Islam. Atheists (who love to believe that there is no God) are naive if they think they can tangle with Communism or Islam and live to tell about it. Same with Homosexuals. Same with any Minority.

Once Christianity is in the minority and non Christians are in the majority, the West is lost and all Hell is going to emerge to remind us we turned our backs on Holy God…He didn’t turn His back on us.


To take your kids away from God.

I think schools should have classes on Islam by showing David Wood videos.

I teach my kids all i can about all religons but not the watered down version only the true version what is writen down

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I was sad to watch this video. I have seen how politics and religion can divide and poison each other. I have never heard of Joe Biden being called “creepy” Joe until this video. I don’t care to know about David Woods’ political leanings and I think this video will find fans among conservatives but turn off progressives like myself. The very expression “teaching Islam” in public schools sounds like proselytizing Islam when what is being suggested is actually “teaching about” Islam and the other Abrahamic faiths. I personally think it is a good thing to know about other religions besides one’s own. As one responder shared that he found Islam interesting but in finding more about it he was turned off. I studied about Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism in college. I wanted to learn more about the first two and was turned off by Hinduism’s caste system and its polytheism. Even was worse was Islam’s insulting attitude toward other faiths, its use of violence and terror down through the centuries, its degradation of women and its control over its adherents. I would not have found out these things I had not had a basic introduction first. Would you want a non-sugar coated version of Christianity detailing the hatred and bigotry between the many different sects, the use of Christianity by the rich and powerful to subjugate the poor into accepting their lot in life as God’s will, how televangelists bilk their watchers out of millions or how in the last two centuries conservative Christianity has tried to retard the growth of science which now manifests itself in demonizing vaccines and critical thought? Of course not and I would not either. Just as history courses can give us an idea what woman’s suffrage, abolitionism, socialism, lesse faire capitalism, indentured servitude, Manifest Destiny, predestination, Deism, and the balance of power mean, we can learn more on our own. I think that Biden is wrong in limiting this teaching to the 3 main monotheistic faiths. There is much good in Hinduism’s tolerance, in Buddhism’s mindfulness and kindness, in how Zororastrianism influenced Judaism and Christianity, in how Shintoism and local religions promote a deeper appreciation of nature. Knowledge helps me to understand others. I used to watch a religious network on TV until they began to attack seekers of social justice in the church as communists and gay people as confused. Politics and religion corrode each other. Please refrain from this divisive direction. Please.

Muslims are 1% :man_facepalming:t3:

Probably because it justify’s segregation and slavery…

Thousands of muslim men were killed in wars and Muhammad and other muslims who survived married widows and had multiple marriage because of the surplus of women who would have no one to care for them in the desert where even the grass doesnt grow. Muhammad was married monogamously to a widow for 25 years And then married mainly widows and one young girl (Aisha) consummating the marriage after puberty. The marriage was for various important reasons including the relationship with her father. The other marriages had other important benefits as well including uniting various tribes. People simply married young back then sometimes and she loved Muhammad very much. To address other points: Rape is a crime in Islam, Islam abolished slavery in phases because the economy ran on it, There were slaves in the first place because after wars there was no where for female and male captives to go. Islam forbids racism and the Muslim world embraced people of color over 1000 years ago. Prophet Muhammad never hit his wives, although they argued with him and held different opinions to him. He described the best men as those who are best to their wives, strongly reprimanding men who hit their wives and then would have intimate relations with them later. It is true Islam brought womens rights and the conduct of Muhammad pbuh was impeccable. The event of Muhammad visiting all his wives in one night was a) special strength given to the Prophet pbuh b) probably happened only once or twice before they departed and finished pilgrimage when they were all going to Mecca where it is recommended in Islam to sleep with your spouse prior to dawning ihram. Single Ghusl means only one RITUAL( a special bath) is required for spiritual purification to Pray the next morning. Its not talking about the washing he did between the wives. Muslims dont want “violent subjugation of the whole world”. The Quran repeatedly calls on people to think and muslims value reason and wisdom. The reports are not authentic about the tongue. Its part of muslim custom to stay groomed including cutting nails short and shaving pubic and underarm here- there is nothing with this. it is common in the muslim world for both genders to urinate sitting down - it avoids splashing, urine getting on clothes and means less exposure if you have a long garment say - there is nothing wrong with this and it is not forbidden to urinate standing up.

Well , it is so complex.Maybe , no religion is perfect including Islam and I think Islam may have both good and bad sides .