Why Muslim Apologists Are Hiding Facts about the Quran (LIVE, 8:00pm ET)

David Wood and Tony Costa will be LIVE at 8:00pm (Eastern Time), proving that Muslim apologists are hiding facts about the Quran and discussing why concealing facts is so prominent among Muslim scholars.

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I think Bible apologists are misinterpreting the bible.

Thank you

THANK GOD for the work you do, David! :raised_hands::fire:

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David wood you’re my fav YouTuber.
You’re doing such a great job
I’m from Nagaland a small Christian state located in northeast India.
We called ourselves as nagas and once we were headhunters we live in the dark(animism)
We love Americans because it is the Americans who sowed the seed of Christianity in our land in 1870s and praise the Lord now our state is almost 100% Christians with Baptist denomination being the majority.
Fun fact it is the most majority Baptist state in the world ( I think it’s more than 75% Baptist)

How could Mohammad’s father be named Abdullah? He was a pagan.

Is there any Christian institutions that teach about Islam in Sydney Australia? I have taken a likening to apologetics towards Muslims a lot for a year now and your right. Christians here are totally ignorant towards Muslims.

The problems for Muslims to see the truth are

  • quran is written in Arabic so most of the Muslims in the world cannot understand their book.
  • a lot of Arabic people cannot read Arabic ! They are alphabetical.
  • even if u read Arabic , that doesn’t mean u will understand the Quran ! It’s written in an old Arabic language which is very difficult to understand.
  • the society in Arabic and Muslims countries and families will abandon u for leaving heir Relegion and maybe u gonna be killed in some counties.
  • the biggest issue is that Arab Muslims don’t read that much.
  • they are brainwashed since their childhood
  • the political situation whom used religion to control the country against “their enemy”
  • to break that all u need really a big “clash and boom” which will shock them and maybe wake them up.

Dr. Dan Brubaker supposedly found 800 errors, but only published 20 in 2014. He supposedly asked his friends who know Arabic to search for errors. Now, in 2020 they have found 4000 errors. (This sounds like textual study of the Synoptic Gospels and the entire NT, where they have found interesting history in the development of the present text. However, Christians have been studying this for at least 150 years or so … Interesting history. This was taught in undergraduate Theology courses in the the 1970s.)

Dr.Dan Brubaker, just found his blog. Academic guy, PhD.

I miss these videos DWood… where are you?

Dr David wood how will I send to you , or I went to send a video to you,

All your ads now are Muslim charities…lol. you tube came up with a solution

You’ll notice there was never a time in history when Christian leaders ordered hundreds of versions of the bible burned or thrown in the river.

Why there is no outrage, even much discussion or mention of what happened in Karbala to the heirs of Muhammad?

Hi David, your are right that Muslim apologists hiding the facts about every thing in Islam. I am as a practicing Muslim totally agree with you. Keep up good work, God bless.

Why when the qn about tony’s necklace popped out if he is catholic,david asked is it masonic?
Are you guys subconsciously saying catholic as masonic?