Why Muslims Should Be HAPPY About Muhammad Cartoons

Muslims around the world have been protesting France’s stance on freedom of speech, following the republication of some Muhammad cartoons. Multiple people have even been beheaded over these cartoons. David Wood explains why Muslims, instead of being upset, should actually be happy when they see cartoons of Muhammad.

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In honor of our European viewers, I’ll be going LIVE with Sam Shamoun at 3:00pm (Eastern Time), showing why Islam can’t handle criticism. Here’s the link: - YouTube

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What good is there in Islam but evil?

this is racist and u think u know everything about Islam when u can barely resite the 6 qalmas

Well, I got my first Twitter Receipt of Correspondence report on this video that I posted, notifying me that the content I posted violates the law(s) of Pakistan! So, the Pakistani government wants to keep their people ignorant and not deal with jihadis slaughtering people for making cartoons of Mohammad.

Keep the good work David, New Jerusalem is coming hallelujah❤

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You’re doing a great job David :blue_heart::om: The World Needs You. :india: Love From India


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It’s useless to address in nonviolence ways to them as they (Muslim) understand the language of China and Chaina is doing great with them.

India faced a lot due Islam :sob:

You’ve said it the way I love it, David. Thank you so much.

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One of the most articulate arguments I’ve ever heard my post of 2021…I’m going to watch your other content