Why Prison "Deradicalization" Programs DON'T Stop Terrorists

Musa Cerantonio (born Robert Cerantonio) converted to Islam when he was 17 years old. He eventually became the leading ISIS propagandist in Australia. After being arrested for a plot to wage jihad in the Philippines, Cerantonio was sent to prison. In prison, he began to study the Quran more critically, and eventually concluded that the Quran contains myths and fables. In this video, we look at Musa’s comments about prison deradicalization programs. Do they work?

For the Atlantic article cited in this video (“Why an ISIS Propagandist Abandoned Islam”), click here: Why an ISIS Propagandist Abandoned Islam - The Atlantic

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ISIS has the right to fight and kil-l you and kick you out like you do with muslims , there is not sach thing call a “civilian” you by taxes to the country that boming us every day, They fight against DIVIN LAW and our Khlafa why they don’t attacks shiaa or Israel or iran or Russia or Asad ragem? Why?, Because they don’t demand to establish a Divin law they believe in what you believe and we don’t , and that in quran like it or not and he is our law , and under or foot the laws of west and human right that man made it and all country worship it, And we will come to you country like America and Britain and the west did all the time with our muslim country , But first we will meet you in Dabiq when all west army’s will destroy and the khlafa is coming for you to show to the world who weak you are , and no peace intell your government surinder , then we will stop this , if they continue our sowrd will be to

…as has been reported, he was dismissed from his place of work due to involvement in ISIS. ISIS or the Khawarij…they interpret both the Qur’an and Al-Hadith based on their thoughts without relying on the sciences in Islam, both the science of interpretation and the science of Hadith. It is not enough just to have knowledge as long as the knowledge of monotheism has not been built in the heart. Let us study Islam based on the true meaning of ‘ISLAM’: the Qur’an and Hadith and the Salafus Salih are not based on mere lust and the lure of worldly life. In Islam taught “System”, let us follow the “System” in Islam and nothing else. May الله give His Hidayah to David Wood and his friends. Dulkarnain is Cyrus The Great not alexander the great.

Why when we analyse the history of Islam we need to follow the “Sahih system”? When we analyse other cultures, do we also check the Sahih system??

So we have a Christian celebrating a godless atheist destroying the faith of two Muslims. Awesome.

I sometimes wonder which team Mr Wood is on.

The interpretation of text of Quran is by scholars of ancient times who interpreted in their limited knowledge without know depth of history or science. What David is referring is to these individuals who have interpreted in their own limited vision wrongly which is clearly rejected by modern scholars as wrong interpretation.
There are some historical facts mentioned in Quran without details so no one knows their meaning except the Author of the Quran , the God as it is believed to be revealed to prophet Mohammed through Angel Gabriel

ISIS was set up to counter Shia influence in Iraq by some of neighboring Sunni states blessed by key western powers who provided finance , training and armament to this extremist organization. They had nothing to do with original Islam as they created their own version of Islam to implement their own agenda. The media magnified their terror campaign.

Islam is best. No matter what you do or how you do Islam is growing and will grow regardless.

…LOVE THE ENDING - we are deradicalising Muslims by telling them the truth about Islam, not trying to change what it says like the govt and the media etc - Ours is a more peaceful solution in the end… whose side are you on? Be sure to Subsribe - AND THEN THAT LOOK from David Wood !! Love it !!

He updated his Twitter profile April 15th 2022 saying he celebrated Easter. So I think it strange he says in the articles that he’s atheist.

David woods is a LEGEND!!! he tells the truth and presents everything along with the source info and location so you can look for yourself whereas the lying dishonest pathetic pip squeak of a man Zakir…I wonder what happens when you die and you’ve spent your whole life lying to people leading them away from Gods glory, mercy, Love and protection. does Jesus tell them they have been deceived and they are now going to Hell? it’s said that many many people will go to heaven thinking they are getting in but will be stopped at the gates and told they will not enter! they will beg and plead for their entrance but they will not get in! I pray for all those who have not yet turned away from the sin in their life. please turn to Jesus and ask him to forgive you and ask him to be your Lord and Savior today because tomorrow is not a promise it is not a Garuntee. now is the Time to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in your life and He will make you a new creation bound within the Trinity.

Christianity has caused more deaths than anyone dude

Brilliant! Brilliantly clear, brilliantly simple. Great communication as ever. Well done Dr Wood.

So right DW! Having hopelessly ignorant politicians & media in power is a guarantee that all problems, including islamicism, will be infinitely compounded.

Please take care of your life .Islamic people dont believe in debate and constructive conversation so they can harm you since you pointing the obvious


Are you circumcesed?

Allah swt never said fight those who don’t believe in Allah, you rephrased it to emphasise an invalid and wrong point, that you were trying to forward, you are pathetic. Do your research and stop acting like you’re better than everyone, with the way you speak, like some kinda reporter, who are you? Really who are you? I am allowed to make a judgement here because you misrepresented what the almight Allah has said in the Qur’an. Get a grip before you make more stupid mistakes…


David wood is a master strategist to carry out plans to save the world