Why Some People Hate Cops (An Ex-Con Explains)

Recent protests and riots have made one thing abundantly clear: Some people hate police officers. Why do some people become enraged at an entire police force and the entire criminal justice system when a particular officer kills someone? Why are some people so angry that they want to defund the police or abolish police entirely? David Wood (an ex-con) discusses various examples of misconduct by police officers and correctional officers, and the impact these encounters have on suspects, inmates, and entire communities. He concludes with some suggestions for police reform.

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Spot on. Spent 2 decades in 5 different state penitentiaries. David knows what he’s talking about.

Very eye-opening. We don’t want to live in a world without a criminal justice system. Accountability is key to keeping the system truly delivering “justice” however.

Hello Mr. Wood, do you give me permission to translate and subtitle (or maybe even dub) this video into Spanish? I will be looking forward to hearing from you. God bless.

Thank You

Great video. I’ve been incarcerated 6 times and never committed crime (that’s what they all say), but unless you have been in the system you just don’t understand how unjust it can be. I believe in a just God though who will remedy the situation and use it for good. If I didn’t believe that I’d be out of my mind

I don’t hate them all because I have friends and family in the police force but I hate most of the majority of the police force because they always act like their title gives them power or somehow they feel like they are immortal and above us. It’s all about police brutality, they judge people, they prey on them, they even commit crimes themselves and get away with it. It concerns me deeply that UK police make a huge effort to arrest people on possession of drugs yet they hardly do anything about child molesters, rapists and murderers etc, I’m sure it’s the same in other countries too.

I understand this in a new way I’ve never thought about it like that

God bless you so much!

Police should exist to protect citizens. Not as a competition for how long they can fuck someone over for.

Wow! Very sober relatable submission. I have watched the whole video.

Haha my brother :pray: Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords

My heart breaks for you when I look at my son! I want to do everything I can to give him the most well rounded up bringing so that he appreciates the value of wisdom. Gosh its hard I hope to have the witt and wisdom my self.

Watched it all and I found truth here.

Power corrupts people, and a large portion of society thinks that a felony conviction renders you inhuman and undeserving of any rights at all. I knew many people who would be the ones to cheer on a CO beating up a random inmate. Some people think “I could never be me” when it comes to getting screwed over by a corrupt cop until they’ve been sitting in jail for over a month with no charges because Officer Snuffy didn’t like their smirk.

Speaking as an atheist, this is the one (and perhaps only one) of Wood’s videos that I can almost fully endorse. His inability to fairly consider opposing views usually poisons his other videos. But here his overconfidence serves him well, as he is mostly correct. So, his diatribe serves as a bitter but poignant cautionary tale.

I’m not a criminal but I hate the way policing is done. They do more taxing and collecting than serving and protecting.

More. Do it again with other current event topics.

I used to do maintenance in prisons as an electrician. I got to see the guards perspective well. It’s interesting hearing the other side and I can totally understand the down side of the brutal way they maintain order. The unfortunate reality is that for most of them they just want to get home at the end of the day without having experienced much trouble. They achieve this by cultivating compliance from the prisoners through violence. The idea is that for many of the prisoners, violence is the only language they respond to. After a receiving or witnessing a few beatings the prisoner learners whose boss and if all goes well they can avoid future beatings. Of course it’s all spun as being defensive. I never actually saw anything so for all I know it was. This was in NZ where the prisons are actually very cushy and you likely would have had an easy time here. Well behaved prisoners end up in a holiday park, complete with tennis courts, a music room and they even get to play rugby in an open field regularly. People in NZ will sometimes try to go to jail because it’s so cushy.

I also had the interesting experience seeing a Serco run prison as Serco was running one in NZ back then. The guards there didn’t have proper training which resulted in the prisoners hassling us when we came in to do repairs. In the government run prisons the prisoners left us alone.

Thank you for explaining your experience,it sheds some helpful light on this deeply intertwined and mis-understood subject. I have seen top down injustices and grieve.