Why the United States Is a Christian Nation (David Wood)

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Is the United States a Christian Nation? That depends on what we mean. In this video (drawing on the work of John Adams, James Madison, Plato, Eric Hoffer, and Francis Schaeffer), David Wood argues that the United States is a Christian nation because Christianity is the force that prevents it from becoming a tyranny.

“Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man”

  • Thomas Jefferson.

Republic for which it stood, is being manipulated as a democracy. America and her border nations are one by law, the NWO is taking hold of us fast.
God Bless All who have Faith in Jesus of Nazareth

False! Simply lies and heresy! Only the Kingdom of Heaven can be considered a “christian nation” (id recommend Leo Tolstoy’s “The kingdom of god is within you” and Alexandre Christoyannopoulos’ “Christian Anarchism: A political commentary on the gospels” to understand arguments as to why its impossible for any earthly nation to be christian, plus why theyre existence is inherently anti-christian)

Why what a great nothing burger. So how is YOUR religion the moral right and virtue. How is YOUR religion the pinnacle of morality. How is it the best idea. So far christianity has lead to bloodshed, genocide, rape. All in the name of your god and I don’t have to look anywhere else but the bible. I surely can but i don’t have to look farther then “His holy word” Yet somehow your faith is supposedly the moral bedrock upon which we stand give me a break. Go read some Humanist literature and some evolutionary psychology and don’t cherry pick it like you do to your sacred text to get the answer you want. drink it all in.

America is no more a “Christian” nation than it is a “white” nation. We are a nation of many religions and races. The Constitution guarantees the right to practice any religion but gives special authority to none. Despite this, today’s Religious Right is hell-bent on taking over the country.

If the sentiment that if a Christian sermon can br preached in a synagogue or mosque and not be offensive it isn’t Christian enough is true, then the founding documents are not Christian enough. No muslim or Jew would object to terms like “God” or “Creator.” Zambia Africa has a similar constitution but name themselves a Christian nation before getting out of the preamble, meanwhile the term “Christ” or “Christian” is absent from US documents.

I don’t believe this is a Christian nation anymore. We’re 1 generation away of being a communist country. I truly believe in 20 years, we will be a communist, socialist nation. I’m being generous when saying in 20 years.

Wrong on all counts!

The USA was NOT founded as Christian. Learn your history Dave.

Wait a minute, so you’re saying you don’t want to live like all those "free"people in the ccp, Iran and other African city states and countries. I heard Afghanistan is another freedom loving utopia that certain people in the west brag about, a terrorist group runs the government and all these idiots think they would be safe and live a better life in one of those countries. I say we start a go fund me so we can pay for their one-way ticket to one of these utopian countries. They think that they will embraced by these terrorists in these countries. Maybe we can have a TV crew following them as they get to one of these countries so we can be jealous of these countries freedoms and society. I think that would be very educational and hilarious.

please David!!!Is Jesus the God of United States or the dollar?

Excellent summary

It seems that the groups proclaiming the US is a Christian nation are often the same people that want to erect Jewish Ten Commandments monuments on public land ( and they get 7 of the commandments wrong).

Crazy good.

Ben Franklin said, our civilization is founded upon Jesus and Socrates.

Let us render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s;
And to God the things that are God’s.

For freedom Christ has set us free.

The meek shall inherit the Earth.

Meekness (often misunderstood) is power under control: and it is the most powerful force in the Universe. It is more powerful than gravity- -for it has will.


IS the United States a Christian nation? IS the church really Christian???
WHY did Jesus leave his throne in heaven and come to earth?
Was it ONLY to take ALL our SINS, IN HIS BODY, ON the cross, so that he could ASK the FATHER to FORGIVE us?
Jesus HARDLY EVER mentioned the gospel of his crucifixion.
WHAT HE preached was the GOSPEL of HIS KINGDOM. THIS is something that the church has OVERLOOKED for 2000 years – from the time the CHURCH’S CAPITAL was REMOVED from Jerusalem and ESTABLISHED in Rome.
THERE PAGANISM INFILTRATED the church, and the SUPERNATURAL POWER of the KINGDOM of GOD was DILUTED by the TEACHINGS of CARNAL men who BANISHED the HOLY SPIRIT and HIS NINE POWER TOOLS of the Christian’s ARSENAL (1 Cor 8-11-- The GIFT of TONGUES for PRAYER and EVANGELISM usually the FIRST Christian SUPERNATURAL experience --so we can LEARN to be LED by the Spirit).
JUST IMAGINE IF… … the church TODAY was STILL functioning in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. THEY would NEVER have had the COURAGE to MAKE a germ warfare virus DESIGNED to MINIMIZE MANKIND, nor would they have introduced vaccines to do further damage.
WHEN is the church going to OBEY the COMMANDS of Jesus, John the Baptist, and Jesus’ TRUE FOLLOWERS, and preach that the Kingdom of God is (STILL) NEAR, and PROVE it by allowing the Holy Spirit FREE REIGN to do what he NEEDS to do -MANIFEST the PRESENCE of the kingdom of God - by HEALING the sick, RAISING the dead CLEANSING lepers and CASTING out demons.
In 2 Cor,13:5, Paul wrote to the CHURCHGOERS in Corinth, suggesting they EXAMINE themselves to see WHETHER they WERE IN THE FAITH. HE urged them to TEST themselves and then went on, “Don’t you know that Christ Jesus is IN you, UNLESS of course you FAIL THE TEST”.
Well, IF Jesus IS IN US, isn’t it time we became LIVING SACRIFICES and TOOK him OUT to the highways and byways TO DO what he STILL COMMANDS ALL Christians to do.

God’s supposed revelations of the bible allows for slavery, so no thank you. America is secular and that is why it is not tyranny. People having beliefs other than yours, is not discrimination or tyranny. Imposing religion on individuals is tyranny, especially a religion that says women must obey and that you can beat your slaves as long as they don’t die within a day or two.

why is the dislike ratio censored?

Where’s the evidence that is was founded on Christian principles though? Not a single mention of Christianity in any of the founding documents, no state religion, and not a single piece of legislature built on biblical laws. Face it, USA was designed with secularism in mind

I love this video. Have watched it many times. Thank you, David.