Why Yasir Qadhi HATES Ex-Muslims

These are the preachers whose ideology led to Al-Qaeda & ISIS.

. Don’t let this dumb uneducated man fool you. Killing someone in Islam will lead you straight to hell. Even if you hurt a animal for no reason .


Deep… btw David, you are the best :pray:

What do u expect from such cult??? Believers in fly carpet…sun sets in muddy pool…Ants that speak…rocks that conway greets…sort of like a donkey :horse: that flys to heavens. Expect…Death!!!

[1:00] - David Wood’s noble purpose was smashing his father’s head with a hammar.

Had David Wood been living in Biblical times, he would have been put to death under Mosaic law for that. I know “christians” like David Wood, don’t read the Torah, but the rest of you guys should.

Ex-muslim atheists are ignórant trásh. They had a poor understanding of Islam, and most are degenerates in their personal lives.

D. Wood the sharp shooter!

Thank you David. It was just a great analogy Islam affects and destroyes those people and their lifes without them being realising that at all

Boom, you’re busted yasir qadhi.

You r amazing Sir David Wood​:heart:I love your videos​:heart:God bless u more n more love from Pakistan​:heart::pakistan:

Only insane, unfortunate and misguided person will denounce Islam. Why? Because Islam means submitting and surrendering to Almighty God’s will with love. Islam means accepting the highest truth. The highest truth is the testimony of faith in Islam and that is “I bear witness there is nobody worthy of worship but Almighty Creator God and I bear witness that Muhammad PBUH is his slave and messenger ( just like Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus was His messengers. We believe, love and respect all the prophets and messengers) Also understand what is worship? Worship is utmost love with utmost obedience. So you must understand that there is nobody worthy of more love, more obedience than the one who Created you, who created trillions of galaxies, who created trillions of cells in your body, who created your DNA. You must contemplate, think, ponder and reflect on the greatness of Almighty Creator God. Go look outside see animal kingdom, plant kingdom, water cycle, echo system, migrating birds. Even look at your self you have all these amazing systems running in your body like nervous system, circulatory system, digestive system. How amazing is the function of your heart, liver, lungs, kidneys etc. Use your intellect, reasoning, mind and heart and acknowledge the fact that there is nobody worthy of worship but Almighty Creator God. Submit and surrendering to His will with love is Islam which gives you inner peace and happiness.

Excellent work David!! What clarity :ok_hand:

Quadhi said being in Islam is like being in a bad relationship. So, when you break up, just move on. We thank him for this brilliant analogy.
Two, he doesn’t want you to talk about your wicked ex because he has, perhaps, given him a lucrative contract and you sadden him by speaking up. Yasir Quadhi then can be said to be a victim of manipulation and a murderous ignoramus combined.

:joy::laughing::joy: Pathetic loser - Yasir-holes-in-the-Narrative-Qadhi.

David’s analogy - ssooooo good.

You should act a drama out of this
This is sharp

Oh my Yasir sounds like the murderer himself i wonder how many people he had beheaded

How awful! This Muslim apologist attacks ex-Muslims personally wondering why they seem obsessed with the faith they left (without mentioning how leaving has caused many to lose their families and friends, their place in their community, their sense of security since many become victims of vandalism, physical assaults, and even death), calling them cringeworthy, and saying now their lives have no meaning or purpose. He can not compassionately address them as harmed people because it is his religion which has harmed them. He must try to demean them to discredit them in other’s eyes because he can not honestly deal with the truth. The truth is that Islam is a cult of domination and fear based upon the teachings of an illiterate 7th century warlord who used religion to gain power over people. So many ex-Muslims actually risk their lives to leave and this is what this sorry excuse for a human says, in the name of religion. Shame on you and all other fear mongers like you.

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