Will a cat walk on the quran? 2nd experiment (100% arabic qurans!)

Numerous YouTube videos claim that the Quran must be the Word of God, because cats will not walk on the Quran. In my last “cat video,” I showed that a cat will indeed walk on the Quran without hesitation. However, many Muslims complained that the Qurans I used contained English translations, and that cats will only avoid pure Arabic Qurans. So, without further ado, let’s see whether the same cat will walk on Qurans in pure Arabic.

For some examples of the “cats won’t walk on the Quran” videos and the reaction videos, see:

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So, the main response to my “Will a Cat Walk on the Quran?” video was that I wasn’t using real Qurans. In this video, I use pure Arabic Qurans. Be sure to share this video with everyone who still clings to the absurd claim that a cat won’t walk on the Quran, so that we can be done with this foolishness!

Hey i am Muslim and from this video i can confirm that many Muslims faith is weak then a small ant :ant: cause why to worry if you really believe in allah then why getting upset with this kind of stupid videos i mean allah is stronger then anything in this world you think allah will afraid this fat belly dude? He vanish him in blink of an eye :eyes: actually i didn’t get annoyed about that cause my faith in allah is way too strong to get upset with those kind of rubbish allah dont need humans to punish those polytheists btw i am happy to death that his going to have a wonderful life in hell :blush::tada::tada::fire::fire::fire:

Btw I don’t care if you make the cat walks on the Quran cause for sure you’re going to hell nothing to worry about also this is not abusing me at all and its not going to make my faith weak my faith is stronger then a fat belly dude trying to insult Muslims with stupid vids
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It doesn’t matter from which country is Qur’an. They are all the same from letter to letter!!

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You are a liar haha knowing that cat deliberately to trample on the Holy Qur’an, if you put the Bible also it will trample on it without hesitation, unless you teach it, do not deceive people.
The reaction is spontaneous, not forced. No matter how hard you try, the Qur’an remains the word of God, and the Bible is human speech, and it contains a demonic weevil. Do not be fooled by this trick

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Your forcing the Cat to step in the Quran just leave it alone. It’s his decision to step on the Quran. And there are too many qurans.

Now let’s try this with Bible and Torah and prove all religions are false shall we?

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