Will a cat walk on the quran?

Numerous videos on YouTube claim that the Quran must be the Word of God, because cats will not walk on the Quran. What happens when David Wood puts this “Quran miracle” to the test? Will Allah vindicate his book by keeping a cat from walking on it? Let’s find out.

For some examples of the “cats won’t walk on the Quran” videos and the reaction videos, see:

“Cats Will Not Walk on the Quran, Experiment with 5 Cats”: - YouTube

“Cat Will Not Walk on the Quran, Not Click Bait”: - YouTube

“SubhanAllah! Cat Will Not Walk on the Quran”: - YouTube

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Since hundreds of Muslims responded to this video by claiming that I wasn’t using real Qurans, I repeated the “experiment” with plenty of close-ups of the ARABIC text of multiple ARABIC Qurans. Be sure to share the new video with everyone who complained! Here it is: - YouTube

this is not the original quran it must be all arabic

Hahahaha funny

Islam is gaining followers David is gaining stupidity

My cat shat on the Quran


Destroyed in seconds


Quran is bull shit

It doesn’t matter if the cat walk on quran because we muslim always have other way to prove you all Islam is the only truth religion

Because they knew their followers are dumb, with what have seen from your videos, by now even a cat would be convince its time to abandon the quran. If you can read a cat mind like me, them cats were saying guys I know am evil but that book is another level of stupidity.

Allah said
I will turn away from My signs those who act unjustly with arrogance in the land. And even if they were to see every sign, they still would not believe in them. If they see the Right Path, they will not take it. But if they see a crooked path, they will follow it. This is because they denied Our signs and were heedless of them.
do whatever you want but we have answers for everything.

Or maybe use a Mushaf used like the other video

Cat walked on every single Quran just to make a point :joy:.

No 72 pussies for you

My goldfish will not walk on the Quran either. MIRACLE?!

Born again kitty

0:55 “that’s how powerful the QuRaugh…Qrawng…QuWRONG”

I guess the cat was not Muslim hhhhhhhh