Will the Real Allah Please Stand Up (on One Leg)?


This topic is really interesting in general. Not just for islam, but Christianity as well. When you read Genesis, you see Father walking in the garden of eve, and when you read Luke 15:20, you see how Father ran and fell on his neck and kissed Jesus. How do you explain that? So, the Father is so tiny compared to the Universe?

The Bible is clear that no one has seen God and lived… This’s so funny God’s legs :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

It’s because they stole phrasing from the Old Testament, where YHWH is referred to as having body parts in the form of the Angel of YHWH. Little did their illiterate minds know, the Angel of YHWH is Jesus; the Word of God!

Allah: indescribable shapeless monster

Yahweh: let’s make human from our image.

In the Quran (29:41) Allah is the spider that spins a web.

Wow, Mr.Yasir is saying we need to bring in philosophical and language concepts to interpret the Quran. When non-Muslims do this, these Muslim dawagandists make a song and dance of it and claim that this is proof of distortions of the holy book. Bullshit.

Oh wow I didn’t know this

“‘God is Spirit’ said Jesus said Jesus
Those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” (John 4:24)
Humans have flesh, blood and bones.
We have a (heart/ Spirit) psyche and conscience
In chapter 18 of Genesis Abraham saw YHWH (See Gen 18:1-3) Abraham saw THREE personages. Chapter 18 shows the dialogue Abraham had with YHWH.
The One True Living and Loving UNCREATED God of Israel.

lol didn’t the Bible teach that God made man in his image? plus Jesus was God as the “Son of Man”. so what kind of deformed monstrosity is the Qu’ran going on about :joy:

No toilet paper.
Bums were wiped with left hands. That’s why you would eat with only one hand, and because the majority of people are Right handed… kinda follows.
And lefties are considered unclean, because you don’t know if they would instinctively use the ‘wrong’ hand and then touch your stuff.
They may not have seen germs, but they made the connection.

Not a muslim. Steelman where I can.

I think this was a way of saying both allah’s hands are clean in the literal and ritualistic sense. It would be a way of saying allah was incapable of spreading filth.
But, hey, I could be wrong.

And it certainly doesn’t excuse these guys for not thinking this through. Seriously. smh


Allah has an eye like a cyclops.

Everytime Islamic scholar speaks, Muslim population gets reduced. If they want to keep their numbers, it’s best to keep quiet

Allah is just a shin with a face on it, eyes, and two right hands.

As a polytheist this thing they are describing sounds like a mutated version of the Centimanes

Hahaha! What do we call this? Maybe comedy of anatomy! How come these bearded sheikhs don’t know how their moon god looks like? I can’t stop laughing aloud. Hahahahaha!

If the Quran is the ultimate word of G-d and perfectly preserved, why these dudes sitting in front of bookshelves? Are those books all Qurans? Why? Are they other books? Why?

I’m surprised, for a sex-crazed religion with a Prophet with at least 11 wives and limitless slaves he has sex with (like Mary the Copt who even bore him a son who died pretty quick), they didn’t ask themselves whether Allah has a D… and whether he is circum… .

Poor Adam. Lol