William Lane Craig Reacts to Yusuf Estes's INSANE Lies about Christianity!

David Wood showed Christian philosopher and theologian William Lane Craig some video clips of popular Muslim speaker Yusuf Estes on Peace TV. Was Dr. Craig persuaded by Sheikh Estes’s claims about the history of Christianity and the origin of the Catholic Church? Is Dr. Craig willing to admit that the Catholic Church was founded in Rome by Alexander the Great three centuries before the birth of Jesus? Find out in “William Lane Craig Reacts to Yusuf Estes’s Lies about Christian History.”

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I am not surprised this can happen in the USA with the know lack of general knowledge about the outside world and its history

Jusuf like teroris​:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

If catholic was there 300 years before christ came
Then what cross were they using before the jesus came
And which mary were they using in their prayers
Like what can of old man close to his death lie like that

Without lies slylam dies.

omg this what you came to help you you sick D go learn some thing and talk

David looks like an internet atheist but is a true Man of God. I think there’s a lesson in that for us.

Debate should be stting together infront… Not like this watching on laptop and laughing… If he is smart enough he wouldn’t need to sit laugh on laptop… Becz he cant answer or debate

I think Alexander would know of Rome as just a random Etruscan city, assuming he knew of it at all, I believe the Greeks had some dim awareness of that region due to their connections with the Massalians and the recollections of the Phocaeans.

Hey why dont you guys contact Estes and have a one on one live debate. Lets do it.

I want to hear the arguments about television being predicted in the Bible. That sounds fun.

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Why did they cut the video short though. I will love to hear their response to the bible verses he mentioned, maybe they convey another meaning

And Paul was a Roman citizen.

this happens when you lost debate with mohammad hijab

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He’s not wrong about early Christians being opposed to Catholicism

Repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, believe in your heart that He has died for sins and rose from the tomb on the third day and let the Holy Spirit within you, and you shall be saved. Amen

Was Alexander the Great is the one who started this Catholic website?